Employees of Moscow FSB Directorate wanted to capitalize $84 thousand on migrant workers

Employees of Moscow FSB Directorate wanted to capitalize $84 thousand on migrant workers
Defendants Karen Krayukhin and Vlad Novikov Photo: Kommersant/Gennady Gulyaev

The two FSB officers are accused of extortion from a Turkish company in exchange for resolving her problems with migration legislation.⁠

The defendants in the dock of the Moscow Garrison Military Court, which is hearing a swindling case, include an officer of the FSB Directorate in Moscow and Moscow region Karen Krayukhin and his former colleague Vlad Novikov. The security officers were detained in September 2016 by the Internal Security Department of the Federal Security Service. They are accused of receiving 5 million rubles ($84.8 thousand) from the Turkish developer Esta Construction, for which they promised to do away the sanctions imposed on the company in connection with the use of irregular migrant labor. This is reported by Kommersant.

Inspectors of the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service discovered about 100 workers from the countries of Central Asia without work permits at the construction site of the Serdtse Stolitsy residential complex on the Shelepikhinskaya embankment of Moscow, for which a fine of 37 million rubles ($625 thousand) was imposed on Esta Construction.

According to the case file, the construction company’s lawyer Valeryan Kochergin turned for help to his relative, who served in the Moscow Directorate of the FSB. The latter referred him to Krayukhin, who undertook to solve the penalty issue with the help of Novikov, who had links to the FSB office. Kochergin transferred the entire amount to the security officials when they met right outside the building of the FSB Directorate in the South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow and the Moscow region.

At the same time, the investigation revealed that the persons accused had failed to spare the company of its fines, as they did not have sufficient powers and capabilities. However, after receiving the money, they began to portray a flood of activities, for which they even introduced a friend of theirs – a staff member of the FSB Directorate in Moscow – as a specialist responsible for taking care of reducing the fine, while using her in an unwitting fashion. Unaware of her role at the meeting, the woman told Kochergin the details of the lawful procedure for appealing the fine, imposed on the Turkish builders for violation of migration legislation. 

After realizing that the security officials lacked any practical means of addressing the problem, Kochergin demanded that they return the 5 million rubles; when they refused, he rolled over on them to the FSB Internal Security Department. A criminal case under Swindling on an especially large scale in respect of a foreign legal entity (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) was initiated against Krayukhin and Novikov.

Admittedly, the defendants themselves do not plead guilty. In particular, Krayukhin claims that he received the money as a refund of debt for the lawyer’s brother – his colleague Andrey Kochergin – and only promised to provide legal assistance in the form of consultation to the Turkish developers. While Novikov says that he was unaware of what was happening and was not present at the transfer of money.

Meanwhile, the Khoroshevsky Court of Moscow has ruled to impose a fine of almost 35 million rubles ($592 thousand) on Esta Construction. Later, this amount doubled due to a delay in payment of a fine.

The security officials’ defense pointed out that Kochergin could not be a victim in the case, as he was not a regular employee of the Turkish company at the time of the alleged crime. The origin of money is also unknown. If it was taken from the company's accounting department, according to lawyer Dagir Khasavov, it is an indication of a conspiracy with the purpose of bribing the FSB officer. 



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