EMERCOM ex-functionary owns dozens of luxury apartments

EMERCOM ex-functionary owns dozens of luxury apartments
Leonid Belyaev

Leonid Belyaev preferred to acquire apartments in newly-build residential complexes commissioned with involvement of his agency.

Transparency International has found dozens of luxury apartments and land lots in St. Petersburg belonging to Leonid Belyaev, ex-Deputy Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies, and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM), and his family.

The former Deputy Minister of EMERCOM owns a home with the living space of 231 square meters, 3 land lots with the total area of 7 thousand square meters, and 50% in an apartment with the living space of 57.4 square meters located on Elizarova street. His wife Svetlana and daughter Yulia own an apartment with the living space of 97.8 square meters located on Vsevoloda Vishnevskogo street in the prestigious Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg. Although the family owns this apartment since 2001, it has appeared in the Belyaev’s property declaration only in 2011.

It is necessary to note that the residential complex on Vsevoloda Vishnevskogo street has been built by Profit company whose head Dmitry Monosov apparently has special relations with Leonid Belyaev. Up until 2007, Svetlana Belyaeva used to own an apartment with the living space of 167 square meters in a building located at 6–1 Klochkov lane – also built by Profit. In 2010, official’s daughter Yulia, 25 years old, managed to acquire as many as 12 apartments in another residential complex constructed by Profit and located at 7–1 Shelgunova street. The total living space of these apartments was 644.2 square meters.

In the next year, the spouse of Leonid Belyaev has acquired an apartment with the living space of 120.7 square meters in YUIT Oriental elite residential complex located on Barochnaya street. She also owns a parking space in this building jointly with her son-in-law – Yulia’s husband Mikhail Mikhaltsev.

Mikhaltsev is linked with several companies specializing in fire safety. He is a founder and Director of Severo-Zapadnoe (Northwestern) NPO “VDPO” Limited Liability Company that has two contracts with the Russian Scientific Center of Radiology and Surgical Technologies Federal State Budgetary Institution to install fire safety equipment for almost 2 million rubles. In 2011–2016, he was a founder of SpetsProektMontazh Limited Liability Company specializing in maintenance of fire safety equipment. Up until March 2015, Mikhaltsev was a founder of Infomir Limited Liability Company that used to receive tenders directly from the EMERCOM General Administration for St. Petersburg. He is also the sole founder of Fire Monitoring Systems Limited Liability Company that has signed in the last three years 1876 contracts with municipal budgetary institutions of St. Petersburg for the total amount of 165 million rubles. Transparency International notes that companies belonging to Mikhaltsev often ‘compete’ with each other on governmental tenders. As a result, the starting price of contracts is rarely reduced more than by 2% – while the fair competition normally allows to reduce the budget costs by 22%.

Svetlana Belyaeva, in turn, is a co-founder of Iskra-22 Homeowners Association. In spring 2016, Mikhaltsev has acquired four apartments in this building located at 22 Iskrovsky avenue.

According to his last declaration for the year of 2015 (in November 2016, Leonid Belyaev submitted a resignation letter due to the retirement), he has earned 3.8 million rubles, while his spouse – 5.4 million rubles.

Transparency International explains Belyaev’s passion for apartments in residential complexes built by certain developers by the fact that his subordinates were involved into the commissioning of these newly-built homes and not a single building could be put into operation without their signatures. 



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