Economic Development Minister's case: FSB General Feoktistov's testimony behind closed doors

Economic Development Minister's case: FSB General Feoktistov's testimony behind closed doors
General of FSB Oleg Feoktistov

The Bell edition reported on General Feoktistov’s interrogation held behind closed doors.⁠

At a closed interrogation that took place on September 20 in the court upon the case of a two-million-dollar bribe of ex-Minister Ulyukaev, FSB General and former security chief of Rosneft Oleg Feoktistov told about the conversation with head of state company Igor Sechin after returning from the BRICS summit in Goa. As reported by The Bell with reference to two sources, Feoktistov said that Sechin decided "to confer with him in a friendly manner." The head of Rosneft said that Alexey Ulyukaev demanded a bribe of $2 million from him. Feoktistov advised Sechin to show civil responsibility and assist in capturing the corrupt official. He agreed and, according to Feoktistov, he was not embarrassed by the need to participate in operational activities, including the wearing of sound recording equipment under clothing.

In addition, according to the former security chief of Rosneft, the FSB began watching out for Ulyukaev only after that. While Vedomosti, referring to its sources immediately after the arrest of the Minister, reported that the watching out for the official was carried out by special services since 2015.

Recall, the criminal case against Ulyukaev began on September 1. The meeting at which Feoktistov testified was closed to journalists. Interrogation of the FSB General lasted about 1 hour and 25 minutes, after which the meeting was over. Lawyer Kveidze explained that the meeting was closed, "so that no one threatened Feoktistov and did no harm." Another lawyer, Gridnev, said that the defense is happy with the testimony. The FSB General, whom journalists caught only at the exit from the hall, did not disclose details of the criminal case.

Detained in November last year, former Minister Ulyukaev is under house arrest and categorically denies his guilt in accepting a bribe from the head of Rosneft. There are 30 witnesses in the case. At one of the previous court hearings, the state prosecutor read out the transcript of the conversation between Ulyukaev and Sechin in the transfer of a bribe. From the record of the dialogue it followed that the head of Rosneft handed Ulyukaev a basket with sausages "From Ivanych" and a suitcase without revealing the details of its contents. At detention in a bag there were 2 million dollars. Ulyukaev told FSB officers that he was sure that there were wine bottles.



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