Drymanov preparing complaints left with no fridge, TV in Lefortovo jail

Drymanov preparing complaints left with no fridge, TV in Lefortovo jail
Alexander Drymanov in court

The only thing the general has in the cell is a plastic tub.

Alexander Drymanov, the former Moscow head of the Investigative Committee’s Central Directorate, who was accused of taking bribes from the men of the thief in law Shakro Molodoy, has refused to talk to the PMC. The general said he would represent himself in court and would make a formal complaint about not having a refrigerator in his cell.

"I am a lawyer. So I will be representing myself. Now, for example, I do not have a refrigerator. Well, I don’t need it anyway; I’m going to move to another cell soon. But if there is none there either, I will make a complaint. I am a lawyer, so I know the law", Mash quoted the silovik as saying.

The general is currently in a solitary cell of a remand prison. According to Ivan Melnikov, the executive secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC), Drymanov does not have a TV or a refrigerator in his cell.

The general’s personal belongings were taken away for sanitation, which is why the former Moscow head of the ICR is now wearing a black prison uniform. They gave him a plastic tub and toiletries. According to Melnikov, the prisoner has not complained about anything.

Drymanov was detained on July 16 on suspicion of bribe-taking. The FSB believes that the former Moscow chief of the ICR had agreed to pull some strings and have Shakro Molodoy’s crony Andrei Kochuykov released from jail, where he is serving time for the Rochdelskaya shootout.

The former official pleaded not guilty stating he was ready for the "legal battle" and intended to appeal his imprisonment. Later Drymanov said he did not need any lawyers and he was going to be the one representing himself in court.



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