Driver of car with governmental registration number was caught out bribing 

Driver of car with governmental registration number was caught out bribing
Amateur recorded the moment of crossing the palm

Moscow law enforcement officers examined the video, depicting the moment of bribing traffic police officer. The driver of the off Roader Range Rover, which has registration number of Chelyabinsk Government, has realized it.

Video was posted in social network by user Jon Snow and it was depicted the off roader driver with governmental registration number bribed the traffic police officer, who detained him for traffic infraction. The video captured the moment, when the driver got into the officer’s car, gave the inspector passes the currency note, similar in color to the 5000th, and then returned to his own car and droves off. The reason for the detention was the car pulling-out into the oncoming tram tracks to bypass the tram stop near the metro station Novoslobodskaya. It is noteworthy that the number OOO 001 074 is registered in car fleet of Chelyabinsk region’s government, so the suspicion of bribery fell on Chelyabinsk officials. However, it was reported that the off roader was leased by the private security firm (the PSF) Python, which had previously engaged in the organizing security for top officials of Chelyabinsk, including former Governor Mikhail Yurevich. In June 2016 the Head of the PSF Igor Kalugin claimed that the above-mentioned car Range Rover was sold to an individual along with the numbers.

83a24ff0c38572e5b6c48c17d22a891c_250x0_1024.683.0.0.jpgPhoto: Igor Kalugin

Igor Kalugin is a likely suspect in the case of bribing the traffic inspector. After his activity in Chelyabinsk the Head of the PSF was arrested and placed in the remand prison on suspicion of Swindling. The Head of the PSF was able to emerged from the remand prison as a result of active collaboration with investigators and a testimony against the vice-governor of the Southern Urals Nikolai Sandakov.

Novovorotnikovsky lane. Money in exchange for documents



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