Domodedovo Airport Customs simply paid fines for bribe solicitation

Domodedovo Airport Customs simply paid fines for bribe solicitation

Although initially there were reports of extortions of 1.5 million rubles a day, so far the investigators have only been able to prove the fact of bribe-taking of 29 thousand rubles.

The Domodedovo City Court in the Moscow region convicted 9 customs officers involved in a criminal gang, of obtaining 22 bribes. They were accused under item (a), part 5, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking by an organized group) and varying fines were imposed depending on the level of participation.

The corruption scandal at the Domodedovo Airport Customs started back in the spring of 2014. Law enforcement officers raided the Federal Customs Service; six customs officers were taken to the police station on suspicion of taking money for purposeful ignoring the content of cargos, transported by passengers from Vietnam. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under Art. 290 of the Criminal Code, followed by a series of arrests. Law enforcers conducted a number of document-seizure operations at the officers’ workplaces, finding new facts of the case. The media, citing sources in the authorities, said that Domodedovo customs officers had up to 500 thousand rubles a day comprised of small bribes of 1 to 10 thousand rubles. Customs officers came up with special tariffs for different types of assistance to visitors. For example, if a foreigner wanted to simplify the paperwork, he had to pay 2000 rubles.

However, as reported by the press service of the Moscow Interregional Investigation Department of Transport of the Russian Investigative Department, customs officers are prosecuted for 22 bribes worth only 29 thousand rubles. This money was obtained from the Vietnam citizens "for non-performance of obligatory customs control of goods prohibited or restricted for import."

"The court imposed a punishment for Gavrilov, Vereshchagin and Chernova in the form of a 2 million-ruble fine, while Velimetov and Snetkov shall pay 240 thousand rubles, Brovkin's fine is 180 thousand rubles, Shinkorenko and Miroshkin shall pay 100 thousand rubles and Shokov's fine is 40 thousand rubles. All the convicts have been denied the right to hold positions in customs bodies of the Russian Federation for three years", said the agency.



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