Doctors replace organs of dead woman to reduce pregnant women mortality rate  

Doctors replace organs of dead woman to reduce pregnant women mortality rate

Volgograd medics are convicted of bribery and official forgery.

The investigators accused the former chief doctor of the Volgograd regional pathoanatomical bureau, Vadim Kolchenko, the pathologist and the acting head of the department, of replacing the liver of deceased Elena Machkalyan to reduce mortality among pregnant women. Also, Kolchenko is leveled with bribery and fraud, the press service of the regional Prosecutor's Office, and the ICR reports.

According to the investigation, in January 2017, pregnant Volgograd resident died due to the negligence of doctors, and the pathologists decided to underestimate the mortality statistics among pregnant women and replaced the cause of death to hepatitis. The liver of the deceased was replaced with a similar organ of a man who died of hepatitis to comply with the papers.

From the end of December 2017, Kolchenko allocated a bonus to subordinates and took a significant part of it, the ICR reports. In total, the accused received 162 thousand rubles.

The former chief doctor also took bribes from a nurse for silence about their corrupt practices. The subordinate took money from relatives of the dead for the preparation of bodies for burial. Altogether, Kolchenko allegedly received almost 600 thousand rubles from the nurse.

The Prosecutor's Office approved the indictment and transferred the materials of criminal cases to the Dzerzhinsky District Court of Volgograd for consideration on the merits.



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