Dmitry Zakharchenko afraid of torture in detention center

Dmitry Zakharchenko afraid of torture in detention center

With excited stats and paranoia Zakharchenko recalled defenders a committed suicide under investigation the GUEBiPK Deputy Chief, General Kolesnikov.

Arrested on September 8 on charges of bribery and malfeasance the Acting Head of the Department T of the GUEBiPK Interior Ministry Dmitry Zakharchenko was transferred from the detention facility at Petrovka in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center. On the eve of sending the Colonel in the detention facility, defenders visited him in the detention center.

As told to Business FM visited in the cell Zakharchenko the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Public Oversight Commission Eva Merkacheva, awaiting transfer to the Lefortovo, the Colonel was in a state of nervous excitement and was very happy, when he saw defenders.

Merkacheva noted that Zakharchenko was afraid of transferring into the pre-trial detention center, believing that he would be tortured there.

"When he saw us, he delighted us so immodestly, that we, to be honest, were surprised. It was evident that he did not expect that someone can break through from the civilians to him, and felt completely isolated. He believes that, if he is taken into the detention center Lefortovo – he afraid a lot this pre-trial detention center very - there he expects any torture. We tried it, of course, to talk to, to explain to him that nothing bad will happen to him, society is watching him,"- said Merkacheva.

"And what can be done to go to any other prison, but not in Lefortovo?! There is complete isolation from everything, there can anything happen. I am sure that I would be tortured. I have two small children - a girl and a boy of eight years and nine months. Soon it will be a court, tell everyone to come! I will make a statement, I will mention names! This will save me. Dialogue with society - this is the only chance,"- excitedly said the Colonel.

According to human rights activist, he said that "preparing for the trial on which the complaint for his arrest will be considered, Zakharchenko scribbled a plurality of sheets" - public statements that he intends to do, as soon as the opportunity presents to him. Thу Colonel "wants to tell all to journalists."

In addition, human rights activists said that Zakharchenko experienced that in Lefortovo there is no hot water. As previously reported, the detainee does sports, presses, simultaneously reads "12 Chairs" and "The Golden Calf" by Ilf and Petrov, explaining that humor helps him not to go crazy from reality.

Merkacheva sais that Zakharchenko obsessed with proving his transparency and innocence. His is excited and has paranoia, he reminded her of the detained earlier on charges of corruption the GUEBiPK Deputy Chief, the General Boris Kolesnikov, who committed suicide after falling from the sixth floor window during his interrogation at the Investigation Committee.

However, in response the Head of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov said that there is no danger that Zakharchenko will not live up to the court.

But the possibility, that the Colonel will prove his innocence, every day becomes less and less.

Zakharchenko's investigation of the case, according to various sources, has a number of facts of his direct involvement in dozens of criminal schemes, as a result of which the state and business structures were stolen billions of dollars. According to former colleagues of Zakharchenko, for 10 years the Colonel provides security of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and other security officials's criminal group through, of a network of shell companies that are embedded in the infrastructure of these contractors, which withdraw Railways money.

As previously reported by a source to the CrimeRussia, Zakharchenko provided security through law enforcement agencies to Markelov-Usherovich and the cashier Ivan Stankevich. In addition, he is suspected in helping to accused of embezzling 26 billion of Nota-Bank top managers and in a number of other crimes.

In addition to 8.5 billion rubles in cash, found in the apartment of the Zakharchenko's sister Irina Razgunova, the investigation has information about 300 million euros in several Swiss bank accounts opened in the name of the Zakharchenko's father. In addition, the unemployed members of the family of the Colonel owns several real estate projects in Moscow worth more than 1 billion rubles, and it recently became aware of at least three properties in Spain and Switzerland, also issued on the name of the Zakharchenko's father Victor.



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