Director of Novosibirsk Veterans House caught swindling 52 thousand dollars

Director of Novosibirsk Veterans House caught swindling 52 thousand dollars

The regional department of ICR has initiated a criminal case against the director of Novosibirsk Veterans House; he is suspected of swindling in the amount of 3 million rubles (52 thousand dollars).

The investigative bodies found that head of the Novosibirsk Veterans House had conspired with yet unknown persons; together they established Bellon LLC. From March 2015 to December 2016, they concluded phony contracts for the supply of goods and food products with this company. The total cost of contracts exceeded 8.2 million rubles (142 thousand dollars).

Later on, the unknown persons concluded contracts for the supply of food from another 10 firms on behalf of the organization. The total amount specified in the contracts exceeded 5.1 million rubles (88 thousand dollars).

Subsequently, the swindlers carried out the supply of goods purchased from commercial enterprises on behalf of Bellon LLC. At the same time, they enlisted the services of staff personnel and vehicles the company itself.

As revealed by experts during investigation, the swindlers had managed to embezzle about 3 million rubles (52 thousand dollars) due to artificially inflated prices for supplies. They transferred the money to the accounts of the said dummy company (i.e. Bellon LLC) as under the fictitious contracts concluded between the organization and the Novosibirsk Veterans House.

As of today, law enforcers have managed to detained one of the swindlers; an employee of Bellon LLC, charged as a suspect, has also been detained. A preventive measure will soon be elected against them.

There have been carried out witness interviews and searches at the place of residence and employment of suspects as part of the investigation. The investigators found and seized electronic and physical media, as well as money.



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