Detained in Kemerovo ICR General Kalinkin pointed to Garik Makhachkala 

Detained in Kemerovo ICR General Kalinkin pointed to Garik Makhachkala
Sergey Kalinkin in the court

The well-known Russian businessman Gavriil Yushvaev, who earned on the sale of his stake in PepsiCo's Wimm-Bill-Dann for more than a billion dollars, is behind loans, whereby the Mining Plant Inskoy, designated in a Kemerovo officials' criminal case as the object of extortion, operates.

The arrested on charges of extortion Head of the ID ICR in the Kemerovo region Sergey Kalinkin flatly denies his guilt tying the initiated criminal case against him with an attempt of business interests' repartition in the region.

In particular, Sergey Kalinkin, who together with a number of officials and employees of the regional ICR is charged with extortion of 51% of shares from the owner of JSS Mining Plant Inskoy, said that the initiation of proceedings against him is an echo of the attack on the local entrepreneur Alexander Shukin's business.

The Head of the ICR Investigative Department in the Kemerovo region said about this in the Central District Court of Novosibirsk, where a preventive measure was chosen. The court decided to keep Kalinkin in custody until 17 January 2017. The applying a measure of restraint to others involved in the case including Shukin and two Vice-Governor deputies Ivanov and Danilchenko, the court will consider on Friday.



The election of a preventive measure to Vice Governor was postponed for 72 hours

"I am sure that I am not even the object of this persecution. I saw Alexander Shukin in the paddy wagon. I am confident that the investigation will work with him in isolation. He is 66 years old, he lives here alone, as a family lives abroad – it is a wholly-owned basis to believe that he might abscond. And I, investigators, Governor's deputies are detained simply to create the visibility of a criminal group,"- Kalinkin said.

When asked who is behind all this Kalinkin indirectly pointed to the well-known Russian businessman Gavriil Yushvaev, Fontanka said.

“I can say that at the moment a citizen Yushvaev draws upon loans on this shaft. For us he is absolutely unknown," – Kalinkin said.

According to the Head of the ID ICR in the Kemerovo region, the struggling financial difficulties JSS Mining Plant Inskoy is recently operated only by Gavriil Yushvaev's loans.

"However, there is no concrete evidence at the moment," - ​​he immediately missaid.


Recall that the former co-owner of Wimm-Bill-Dann, the partner and relative through the wife to David Yakobashvili Gavriil Yushvaev, also known as Garik Makhachkala, was tried for robbery, for which he served a 9-year-sentence in the 80s. Currently, Yushvaev is the president and board’s member of several companies founded by him in various areas - agribusiness, entertainment and real estate transactions.

On November 14, 2016 defendants in the criminal case over the extortion of JSS Mining Plant Inskoy's stock worth about 1 billion rubles from the businessman Anton Tsygankov became several high-ranking officials of the Kemerovo region and the ICR senior officers occupying high positions in the regional ID ICR.

Among them there are two vice-governors, Alexey Ivanov and Alexander Danilchenko, the Deputy Head of the ID ICR Department Sergey Kryukov and the ICR senior investigator Artem Shevelev, the Head of the Kemerovo region Administration Elena Troitskaya, the founder of the company PTK Ugol’ Alexander Shukin and his agent Gennady Vernigor.



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