Detained for bribe-taking LUVDT Lieutenant Colonel placed under house arrest 

Detained for bribe-taking LUVDT Lieutenant Colonel placed under house arrest

The defense convinces the court that Roman Frolov does not intend to hide, because the defendant has three children and credit obligations.

The Moscow district court placed the Acting Police Head of St. Petersburg MIA Transport Department (LUVDT), Lieutenant-Colonel Roman Frolov, who is accused of accepting a bribe of 250 thousand rubles from the Russian Railways employee, under house arrest.

The investigator requested the arrest to the accused and informed the court that Frolov, being a police officer, might impede the investigation.

However, the court took the side of Lieutenant Colonel's protection. His lawyer persuaded the judge that his client did not intend to go into hiding because he has three children (6-year-old, 5-year-old and two months) and credit commitments. In addition, the defense said that for 20 years of service Frolov has never compromised himself.

Роман Фролов

Roman Frolov

Thus, the high-ranking police officer will be under house arrest until 7 February in an apartment on Astafiev street in St. Petersburg.

Recall, on December 8, Colonel Frolov was arrested red-handed on Moskovsky Avenue in St. Petersburg when receiving a 250-thousand-ruble bribe from an employee of Russian Railways. For the money the Colonel promised railway employee to provide "total protection". Motives and details of this corruption case investigators have not yet disclosed.



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