Despite the arrest, Igor Pushkarev intends to remain a mayor of Vladivostok, hopes for justice 

Despite the arrest, Igor Pushkarev intends to remain a mayor of Vladivostok, hopes for justice
Igor Pushkarev has been arrested

The mayor’s lawyer believes that the criminal case of his client is connected with politics.

The Moscow Basmanny Court arrested mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev and Andrey Lushnikov, the CEO of the municipal unitary enterprise Roads of Vladivostok, controlled by the City Administration, until 31 of July. Both are suspected of abuse of power and commercial bribery.

According to investigators, mayor Pushkarev, bribing Lushnikov monthly, organized purchase of building materials at overcharge price by the Roads of Vladivostok Company from the Vostokcement Holding, which is owned by his two brothers. Thus, a multi-million dollar damage to the city budget was done.

Igor Pushkarev does not admit his guilt and says that he did what was necessary for the city.  And even the 880 million rubles sum, which the Vladivostok Administration now owns the Vostokcement Company is an expensive gift to the citizens from the enterprise, which did not expected this money to be paid back. Pushkarev also wanted to remain a mayor of Vladivostok and hopes for justice.

Protection of mayor confirms that the Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Primorskiy Krai has previously refused to initiate criminal proceedings against Pushkarev twice for the same materials, on the basis of which he is now under arrest. The lawyer suggested the Court to release the mayor of Vladivostok on bail of 10 million rubles, or place him under house arrest, as an apartment in Moscow has already been rented for this purpose. However, investigator asked the Court to place the official in jail, as it is known that Pushkarev has already transferred about 250 million rubles abroad and converted them into foreign currency. The mayor has crossed the country’s border with his own boat and the Eurocopter, and after initiation of the criminal proceedings against him, bought tickets to Moscow on 1 of June. All this, according to investigation, is evidence of the official’s ability to hide.

As for Pushkarev, he argued this claim, saying that he was going on a business trip to Moscow, and, while crossing the border by boat and helicopter, he always had all the relevant documents with him. According to him, he had no intention to hide from the investigation, and, on the contrary, he was ready to cooperate in order to prove his innocence.

But his words have not convinced the Court, but not evidences of CEO of the municipal enterprise Roads of Vladivostok Andrey Lushnikov. He admitted, that he used to receive 150 thousand rubles from Pushkarev monthly as a bribe. He also told about other offenses known to him and provides a real cooperation to the investigation.

Although the mayor’s lawyer has constantly stated, that the case of his client is connected with politics and is a product of his opponents’ intrigues, the Court decided to arrest Igor Pushkarev for 2 months.


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