Deputy Slutsky states he never hid recently-discovered penthouse of his wife  

Deputy Slutsky states he never hid recently-discovered penthouse of his wife
Leonid Slutsky

The deputy said the house was featured in all his declarations "for many years."

State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Leonid Slutsky said that "no one has ever hidden" a penthouse registered in his wife in Moscow, the investigation into which was published by the Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF), and it was listed in all his declarations "for many years," he wrote in his Telegram channel.

The deputy also recalled that before his career in politics he had been engaged in business and "long ago earned" the funds necessary to purchase real estate. According to Slutsky, if he wanted to hide the penthouse from the public, he would register it to a distant relative or friend.

Slutsky also responded to a statement of businessman Sergey Polonsky that the penthouse was allegedly passed to him in 2010 as a bribe when he served as an Adviser to the former Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Vladimir Resin. According to the deputy, he "repeatedly helped" Polonsky, but did not take bribes for it - "neither in the form of greyhound puppies nor square meters."


The investigation into the penthouse in elite residential complex Kutuzovskaya Riviera in Moscow, registered to the wife of Leonid Slutsky, Liliya Lyskova, was published by the ACF in early June. Employees of the fund also found a Lexus car registered in the name of Lyskova, which is not indicated in her declaration. In 2017, the Slutskys declared a Maybach worth 12 million rubles ($192.3 thousand) and Bentley worth 20 million rubles ($320.5 thousand). ACF employee Georgy Alburov remarked that this equaled four annual salaries of Slutsky.

Earlier, a deputy’s undeclared plot of 1 hectare on Rublyovka was discovered. After the publication of the investigation, Slutsky included it in the income declaration.

The Head of the State Duma International Affairs Committee, Leonid Slutsky, became notorious after journalists Yekaterina Kotrikadze (RTVI), Farida Rustamova (Russian Service of the BBC) and Darya Zhuk (Dozhd) accused him of sexual harassment in February 2018. The transcription of an audio record was published, where the deputy offered Rustamova to become his mistress. The Duma Committee on Ethics did not find any violations in the behavior of Slutsky.



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