Deputy Prosecutor General of Nizhny Novgorod region dismissed due to loss of confidence arrested for bribes

Deputy Prosecutor General of Nizhny Novgorod region dismissed due to loss of confidence arrested for bribes
Dmitry Zhidelev Photo: Kommersant

The former silovik has been charged as part of the case in relation to the deceased entrepreneur.

Former Deputy Regional Prosecutor Dmitry Zhidelev has been detained by officers of the Federal Security Service Directorate at the Dzerzhinsk railway station. The ex-silovik planned to go to Moscow, where he works as Director of Corporate and Property Relations of Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat JSC.

Zhidelev is charged with two bribes. April 15, the Nizhny Novgorod District Court arrested the former deputy prosecutor. According to the prosecution’s files, in 2014–2015, he was granted a RangeRover and BMW X3 worth 6.3 million rubles ($98,500) from a local entrepreneur Sergey Kozhevnikov, Director of Skif Special Chemicals LLC and Flow Chemicals LLC

Under the contracts, the cars were bought in the names of other persons, but ICR investigator Evgeny Kitaev told the court that this was a cover and Zhidelev was the actual owner of the cars. The deal between the deputy prosecutor and the entrepreneur was as follows: in 2005, the businessman built a factory of glue emulsions in Dzerzhinsk and after his acquaintance, Dmitry Zhidelev, was appointed as prosecutor of Dzerzhinsk, he agreed with him about patronage. 

While rendering a service, Zhidelev filed a swindling case against Korean counterparties who did not supply equipment to Sergey Kozhevnikov’s transport company. 

In addition, the prosecutor asked the Dzerzhinsk police head to organize the search for a lost Vertu phone worth 1.2 million rubles ($18,768). Eventually, in 2015, already as a deputy prosecutor of the region, the silovik helped Kozhevnikov to escape criminal responsibility for attempted rape. 

Kozhevnikov died on July 12, 2016, choking on emetic masses: he took alcohol along with pills. Nevertheless, a year and a half later, in February 2018, a criminal case was initiated against the deceased and “unidentified persons” on the fact of bribery. During the investigation, law enforcers were on to Zhidelev. 

It should be added that Zhidelev was dismissed from the post of deputy prosecutor of the Nizhny Novgorod region in June last year due to the loss of confidence.



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