Deputy of Sverdlovsk Russian Railways head prosecuted after his boss shot himself

Deputy of Sverdlovsk Russian Railways head prosecuted after his boss shot himself
Alexei Mironov, the former head of the Sverdlovsk Railways

Alexei Kochnev is accused of accepting a large bribe.

Alexei Kochnev, the former Sverdlovsk deputy head of Russian Railways on construction issues, is under investigation for alleged corruption. It is noteworthy that the case was launched after his former boss, Alexei Mironov, was found shot dead, said URA.RU citing sources.

The Ural Investigation Department of Transport, which is leadings the Kochnev case, said that they cannot comment on the progress of the investigation yet. The man did not deny the prosecution reports. “I’m not going to elaborate, this is a private matter. I’m at work, actually”, Kochnev commented to the portal.

Earlier, Sverdlovsk construction businessman Yevgeny Savranin told the press that he had paid Kochnev. In particular, an accountant at one of the enterprises associated with Savranin provided invoices on the delivery of construction materials to Kochnev's dacha in the village of Kungurka near Yekaterinburg, as well as documents about the payment for his daughter’s Crimean vacation.

As for the former Sverdlovsk chief of Russian Railways, Alexei Mironov, he had been prosecuted for "accepting a bribe" and "abuse of official authority." The detention of the top manager of Russian Railways was conducted on December 13, 2018. He spent some time in custody and then was moved under house arrest.

On June 10, the Leninsky Court of Yekaterinburg agreed to release him on bail of 5 million rubles. On June 14, having paid the money, Mironov and his wife left for Moscow. Then he was found shot dead in a Rublevka house in the village of Islavskoye, Odintsovo District, Moscow Region.



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