Deputy Minister of Defense Ivanov turns out to own elite real estate 

Deputy Minister of Defense Ivanov turns out to own elite real estate
View from a quadrotor helicopter over a settlement of a health resort Uspenskoye Photo: Project

The official did not report about it in his income declaration.

Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivanov did not report about his elite real estate in his income declaration. It had been registered in the name of his relatives, reports Project.

With that, authors of the investigation state that Ivanov owns a land property in an elite settlement of Uspenskoye. There are also houses of Russia’s prosecutor general Yury Chaika, as well as Alina Kabaeva. This is a gated type settlement: it is enclosed with high fence. Nevertheless, reporters found out that the family of the deputy Minister of Defense owns a land property with an area of more than 1 hectare on the outskirts of the settlement, and a house built in the territory of the land property has an area of 1600 square meters.

With that, according to the Unified State Register of Taxpayers, the land property in Uspenskoye is officially owned by the government. However, it had earlier been divided in 4 parts; Ivanov’s spouse Svetlana Maniovich had purchased each of them. 


Timur Ivanov

The article states that such practices are spread among officials. With that, the Russian Federation is indicated as an owner of land properties and apartments of other high-ranking officials including head of Rosneft Igor Sechin and another deputy Minister of Defense Ruslan Tsalikov. The fact that the land property is owned by Ivanov is proved by the fact that a guard agreed to render a letter for him, having stated that this person “is likely to live in the settlement.”

Besides that, Svetlana Maniovich recently posted an Instagram photo taken in the settlement. A certain person with faded face is on the picture, as well. 


As estimated by reporters, the aggregate cost of Ivanov’s undeclared real estate is around 600 million rubles ($9.5 million). House erected in the land property is not indicated in the declaration, as well. It was only registered in February, this year. So, it is expected to appear in 2020 Ivanov’s income declaration.

Besides that, reporters reminded that in 2011, Maniovich told Vogue about an apartment located on Moscow’s Ostozhenka street she had convinced Ivanov to buy. It was about a town house on Pervy Zachatyevsky lane. However, this real estate is not indicated in the income declaration, either. Officially, Ivanov is only an owner of an apartment with an area of 300 square meters that is in use by him and his spouse.

This apartment in the centre of Moscow is likely to cost 300 million rubles ($4.7 million). Authors of the investigation estimated its lease at 400 thousand rubles ($6.3 thousand) a month.

Nevertheless, the income of Ivanov’s family is unlikely to cover the expenses on both lease and purchase of this apartment. With that, according to the declarations, he has earned around 182 million rubles ($2.8 million) since 2008. Income of Svetlana Maniovich who owns a few unprofitable companies has amounted to 190 million rubles ($3 million). Income of the couple does not cover the expenses of the Moscow region-based real estate.



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