Deputy Head of Saratov Penitentiary Service detained for bribery

Deputy Head of Saratov Penitentiary Service detained for bribery
The chief of the colony received a bribe from a criminal in the form of equipment for a car

A prisoner of the colony bought car spare parts for the official for the permission to use a phone.

The deputy head of the Penitentiary Service department for the Saratov Region was detained on suspicion of receiving a bribe from a prisoner of the colony, reports the website of the Russian Investigative Committee’s regional Investigative Directorate. With respect to the detainee, a criminal case was initiated under part 3 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking on a large scale); at the moment he is placed under house arrest.

According to media, it is a case of Deputy Head of the Penitentiary Service Radik Batraev, who also served as the head of the colony No. 23. At the moment, he is already dismissed.

According to investigators, in December 2014, Batraev with a prisoner serving the sentence in IR-23 came to one of the Saratov car dealers, where the prisoner purchased spare parts for 50 thousand rubles for the official. As the investigators believe, the bribe was paid for the opportunity to use a mobile phone.

The criminal who gave the official a reward may be Anton Beschetnov, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison for murder, an attempt upon the life of a minor, and robbery. He became famous after he escaped from the colony-settlement No. 11, where he got thanks to Batraev. While in the settlement, Beschetnov agreed with the head of the colony, Khusen Taov, that the prisoner would sometimes leave the correctional facility. The payment for the relaxation of the regime was the gun which Beschetnov gave to Taov. However, once, the prisoner did not return after the agreed ‘leave’. He was detained only two months later in Moscow.

The former head of the detachment of the department for educational work with the convicts in the Perm IC No. 38 was also convicted for ‘informal relations’ with the convicts. In the period from 2015 to 2016, the overseer received money from the prisoners for writing positive characteristics. The Penitentiary Service officer was charged under part 1 of Art. 285 (Abuse of Official Powers), part 1 of Art. 290 (Bribe-Giving), part 1 of Art. 291.2 (Petty Bribe-Giving), part 3 of Art. 159 (Swindling committed by a person using his official position) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and sentenced to five years imprisonment and a fine of 350 thousand rubles.



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