Deputy head of Novokuznetsk police dept tried for assisting OCG member

Deputy head of Novokuznetsk police dept tried for assisting OCG member
Roman Romanov and Ruslan Yatsenko in court

Trial in the case of high-ranking officers of Zavodskoy local police department, who had helped a member of Novoilyinskie OCG member escape responsibility, has begun in the court of Novokuznetsk.

Ex-Deputy Head of the district police department Roman Romanov and Head of the Criminal Investigations Department Ruslan Yatsenko are being tried for abuse of office.

The investigation believes that the police officers have provided assistance to a member of Novoilyinskie OCG Evgeny Berdnikov.

In May 2015 during a road conflict, when driving a car on the busy section of Zavodskoye Highway, Berdnikov began firing with traumatic pistol at another driver. Fleeing, the wounded driver swerved into the oncoming lane and crashed into the car that was moving in the opposite direction.

A criminal case under Art. 115 of the Russian Criminal Code (Intentional Infliction of Light Injury) was initiated following the incident near Ostrovskaya station. Operatives managed to identify the suspect by means of the recording of the DVR in the victim's car.

However, later the suspect (Evgeny Berdnikov) and his friends turned to chief officers of the district police asking to 'waive' the case. However, given the fact that the case was high-profile, they were requested to find a scapegoat – one who would make a full confession and admit guilt.

As reported by KuzPress, the policemen were promised a monetary compensation for their help; according to the investigation, Yatsenko did receive it, however, the amount of bribe is not mentioned.

As a result, the frontman was found; falsified documents were attached to the case materials, the signatures on the papers were forged, and confrontations and interrogations were not conducted.

The investigators managed to find the scapegoat. The case was referred for investigation to Senior Investigating Officer of the Zavodskoy police department Anastasiya Makarova. Police Major decided to 'facilitate' her work and did not carry out the necessary actions. She drew up and attached to the case protocols on the conduct of investigative actions without their actual implementation.

The case was later terminated in connection with the reconciliation of the parties. The dummy defendant avoided taking criminal responsibility, and the OCG member, who had opened fire on the Zavodskoe Highway, remained unpunished.

However, officers of the FSB directorate in the Kemerovo region exposed the police officers who had entered into a criminal conspiracy, and whose guilt was fully proven during the investigation. Meanwhile, Yatsenko and Romanov do not plead guilty.

It is noteworthy that Berdnikov, whose blame was shouldered by police officers, is currently a defendant in the case of murder. The publication notes that he had been declared federally wanted, absconded in Donbass, where he fought as a volunteer on the side of the Donetsk People's Republic, and then left the war zone after a serious injury in 2016 and was detained by operatives in St. Petersburg. 



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