Deputy head of Moscow Regional Customs arrested

Deputy head of Moscow Regional Customs arrested
Denis Rudenko Photo: Alexey Gerasimov

Previously, the defendant worked in the ICR on the customs related crimes.

The Meshchansky District Court arrested the first deputy head of the Federal Customs Service of the Moscow Region, a former employee of the Moscow Interregional Investigation Department of the ICR, Denis Rudenko, for two months. Rudenko was detained while receiving a bribe of $ 176,000. One of the witnesses was the ICR investigator by the name of Potemkin, Kommersant reports.

Rudenko pleads innocent and emphasizes that the indictment is based only on the testimony of the witnesses. At that, the accused agreed to cooperate with the investigation. In 2012-2017, Rudenko himself was an investigator and revealed crimes in the customs sphere. In the FCS, Rudenko supervised anti-corruption work.

The deputy head of the Moscow Region customs was detained by the FSB at the Kabanoff restaurant in the Odintsovo District near Moscow. According to the investigators, Rudenko received money for concealing violations committed by a commercial organization for the supply of goods to Russia.



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