Deputy Head of Moscow regional FSB dept makes plea deal over bribery case

Deputy Head of Moscow regional FSB dept makes plea deal over bribery case

Colonel Aleksey Kruglov is one of the five officers of the Moscow region FSB department, detained in June on suspicion of extorting bribe from the management of Snegirev Fuse Manufacturing Plant JSC. Previously, two of them had already pleaded guilty and began to cooperate with the investigation.⁠

The third defendant in the high-profile criminal case, under which five FSB officers are charged, has pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

According to Kommersant, the person in question is Deputy Head of the FSB Interdistrict Department No. 7 in the Moscow region, Aleksey Kruglov.

This was reported yesterday by the officer’s lawyers at a hearing of the Moscow District Military Court; the lawyers petitioned to change their client’s preventive measure to a non-custodial punishment or house arrest. The defense of the colonel also claimed that all investigative actions against Kruglov had been completed, and in this regard, the colonel was not able to exert pressure on the parties to judicial proceedings.

It is noteworthy that operatives Roman Nadezhdin and Aleksey Vinokurov had promptly admitted their guilt, making a plea deal in the pre-trial order, and thus were sent under house arrest. Now Kruglov followed suit.

To recall, the criminal case against Deputy Head of the FSB Interdistrict Department No. 7 Aleksey Kruglov, Head of the FSB department in Balashikha Denis Semyonov, as well as the operatives Roman Nadezhdin, Aleksey Vinokurov, and Artur Yusufov was initiated June 22 by the ICR Military Investigation Department No. 51 in Moscow. Kruglov and Nadezhdin were charged with bribery, the rest were accused of mediation.

According to the case file, the subject for bribery was one of the Russian leaders in the development of mechanical and electromechanical fuses for a wide range of ammunition, namely, Snegirev Fuse Manufacturing Plant JSC, Zheleznodorozhny.

According to the investigation, a check conducted by FSB officers revealed ghost employees in the research institute. After that, the officers offered the plant’s Director General Igor Grigoryev to pay them compensation of several million rubles per each fictitious employee. In the event of a refusal, Grigoryev was threatened with a criminal case of an especially large Swindling or Embezzlement (Art. 159 or 160 of the Russian Criminal Code). Agreeing to give the bribe, Grigoryev turned to the FSB Department of Internal Security, after which Colonel Kruglov was detained red-handed when receiving a bribe in a McDonald's café. His accomplices were later detained at their workplaces.



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