Deputy Head of Central Election Commission Bulaev got apartments worth $2.32mn from government

Deputy Head of Central Election Commission Bulaev got apartments worth $2.32mn from government

Both apartments were presented to him after moving to Moscow.

Opposition politician Alexey Navalny has reported on an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) against deputy chairman of the central election commission, Nikolay Bulaev.

The investigation said that in the mid-2000s, Bulaev moved from the Ryazan region to Moscow, and in his 2006 declaration, he did not own real estate in the capital – all his property remained in the Ryazan region.


Already in 2009, the Presidential Administration allocated Bulaev an apartment on Starovolynskaya Street in the residential complex Blizhnyaya Dacha, the area of   the apartment is 103 sq.m. The market value of such real estate, according to Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) is about 50 million rubles ($750,000).



Also in Bulaev's declaration there were cars, ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles.

In 2018, Bulaev received another apartment –this time, from the authorities of the city of Moscow and the Ministry of Defense. The market value of the apartment near Smolensky Boulevard is 105 million rubles ($1.6 mln), its area is 155 sq.m.




In addition, the daughter of Bulaev, who works as a notary, in 2019 bought herself an apartment of 133 sq.m. in a neighboring house with parents, this property is estimated at 66 million rubles ($1mln).

Earlier, the acting governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, was found to have an apartment for 150 million rubles ($2.2mln) in Moscow.



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