Deputy Alexey Chepa fails to declare 2 of 14 apartments in elite housing complex. Thief in law's son is one of his neighbors 

Deputy Alexey Chepa fails to declare 2 of 14 apartments in elite housing complex. Thief in law's son is one of his neighbors
Alexey Chepa

Among other tenants of the house are deputies, business people.

State Duma deputy Alexey Chepa owns 14 apartments in the elite residential complex Ostozhenka Park Palace. The huge house is in Khilkov Lane, located between Ostozhenka and Prechistenskaya Embankment in the so-called “Golden Mile” with the most expensive real estate in Moscow. At the same time, as the anti-corruption project Municipal Scanner found out, two real estate objects were not indicated in the declaration, just as the means for their purchase.

According to the authors of the investigation, 13 apartments were acquired in 2011, when Chepa first became a State Duma deputy from Just Russia. The total area of real estate was 3640.7 sq. m. and, according to the estimate for 2011, cost the deputy about 2.7 billion rubles ($41.1 m). That said, judging by the incomes of Chepa and his wife indicated in the declarations for 2010 and 2011, the funds did not suffice for buying luxury real estate.

The investigators believe Chepa either concealed a significant part of his income from public declaration, or underestimated the value of transactions, avoiding taxes this way.

Subsequently, the deputy repeatedly bought and sold apartments in the residential complex Ostozhenka Park Palace, however two apartments bought by him with a total area of 342.2 sq. m., according to the authors of the investigation, are not featured in the declarations for 2011-2013.

«Остоженка Парк Палас»

Ostozhenka Park Palace

Commenting on the investigation, Chepa stated that he had no undeclared apartments, and the information of the Municipal Scanner was wrong, reports Ekho Moskvy. The Just Russia member even promised to go to court if it turns out that the report was released to discredit him.

In turn, as CrimeRussia found out, Chepa is also the founder of the Park Palace homeowners association. According to the Municipal Scanner, Vera Afanasyeva, 'holder of his apartment in Miami, was also among residents of the Moscow elite complex - from May to June 2012 she owned an apartment of 216 square meters, and from June 2012 to August 2014 - an apartment of 416.6 sq. m.

Among other tenants of the Ostozhenka Park Palace the publication calls Dmitry Tyurin. The name, surname and patronymic of this person fully coincides with those of the son of the thief in law Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik). Since May 2018, he has owned a small apartment of 71.7 sq.m.


Dmitry Tyurin

409.5 sq. m. are owned by Efraim Stuchevsky - a close business partner of the deceased Senator Vadim Tyulpanov. Together they controlled a number of assets, including the St. Peter’s Terminal in the port of St. Petersburg. Stuchevsky was the director of Akvarel, superseding the 'night governor' Dmitry Mikhalchenko.

387 sq. m. belong to Tatyana Melnikova. Until 2015, the apartment belonged to Tatyana's husband, Vladislav Melnikov, Senior Vice President of VTB.

Since November 2014, an apartment of 199 square meters belongs to the army General, ex-Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (1995-1998) and Vice-Premier of the government (1997-1998) Anatoly Kulikov. His son Victor owns an apartment of 149.2 square meters. Kulikov Jr. is the Director of the National Anti-Crime and Anti-Terrorism Fund.

An apartment with an area of 386.6 square meters since September 2013 has been owned by the SMP Racing executive manager Dmitry Samorukov. SMP Racing is an auto racing team of Boris Rotenberg.

In 2012, the son of State Duma deputy Anatoly Bifov (Communist Party faction) Anzor Bifov bought an apartment of 268 square meters in this building. His other son, Asker Beef, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic since 2017, bought an apartment of 250.8 square meters in 2011.

«Остоженка Парк Палас»

Ostozhenka Park Palace

226.7 sq.m. belong to Alexey Bogdanchikov, son of the ex-President of Rosneft Sergey Bogdanchikov. At the moment, Alexey himself left Rosneft and works with Novatek. Evgeny Bogdanchikov, the second son of Sergey, also owns an apartment of 164.2 square meters in this house.

155.7 sq. m. are owned by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Neft Vadim Yakovlev.

An apartment with an area of 166.4 square meters belongs to Odinokova Inna Vladimirovna. Her full namesake is the wife of Konstantin Odinokov, who until 2005 helmed Kursk customs and was terminated after a major criminal case on smuggling office equipment was initiated.

Two apartments of 257.3 and 253.3 square meters were bought by United Russia member Anton Zharkovin in June 2011, just before he became a State Duma deputy. According to the average market value, such real estate cost at least 380 million rubles ($5.7 m). In 2010, Anton Zharkov declared 191 million ($2.9 m) worth of income and 4 million ($60.8 thousand) in bank accounts.

252 sq. m. are owned by Mikhail Davidovich Opengeym. According to the investigation of German journalists, Opengeym is a person associated with Arkady Rotenberg who invested 1 billion euros in commercial real estate in Germany. Opengeym and Rotenberg themselves claim they are not related to each other.

Finally, more than 1.5 thousand square meters in the mansion in Khilkov Lane, 1a belong to Andrey Bokarev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Transmashholding.




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