Denis Nikandrov spoke about bribes through cards issued for front men

Denis Nikandrov spoke about bribes through cards issued for front men
Denis Nikandrov

Agreed to cooperate with the investigation, ICR General Nikandrov disclosed the bribery schemes that expose him and his alleged accomplices.⁠

From the classified FSB’s case of former Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee Main Investigative Department (GSU), some details became known. As reported by Kommersant, the pre-trial agreement with the Prosecutor General's Office has not been concluded yet. According to conditions, Nikandrov can be transferred under house arrest, and will receive a minimum penalty. Meanwhile, the suspect in receiving a bribe from thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Young) began to offer insights with the investigation with his colleagues.

According to a source close to the investigation of the criminal case, Denis Nikandrov uncovered a scheme for receiving money through cards issued in one of the European banks for frontmen. Such cards were found during the first searches in the summer of 2016 at all three persons involved in the case of bribery from the thief in law - Denis Nikandrov, Head of the Main Directorate of Interdepartmental Cooperation and the Personal Security of the ICR Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamonov. The officers of the ICR could not then explain the origin of the suspicious bank cards. The issuing bank, where the accounts were opened, referring to financial secrecy, demanded official inquiries with exhaustive information on the criminal case. The FSB could only establish that the cards were used by the ICR staff to purchase various goods and pay for services and were regularly replenished by unknown persons.

In testimony Nikandrov has exposed not only his fellow accomplices, but also himself. Recall earlier it became known that General Nikandrov, a year after his arrest, decided to testify against other investigators, shielding himself. And in connection with the fact that in his testimony the surnames of high-ranking siloviki began to sound, the FSB put confidential label on Nikandrov's case.

After that, the special services conducted investigative actions against the Head of the Investigative Committee GSU in Moscow, Alexander Drymanov, which he and the press service of the department he heads denied. In the field of view of the special services, other representatives of the ICR got into.



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