Defendants in Zakharchenko case in London sued for $1.2 billion 

Defendants in Zakharchenko case in London sued for $1.2 billion
Boris Usherovich (left) Photo: Rosbalt

Banker German Gorbuntsov says Markelov and Usherovich have seized his property for this amount.

Banker German Gorbuntsov has filed a $1.2-billion suit against with the High Court of London against the co-owners of 1520 Group of Companies, Boris Usherovich and Valery Markelov. They are the main defendants in the high-profile case against ex-General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption (GUEBiPK) employee, Dmitry Zakharchenko.

As reported by Rosbalt referring to a source familiar with the situation, Gorbuntsov claims that his former business partners, Markelov and Usherovich, associated with the Solntsevo OCG, with the support of representatives of the criminal world, threatening him and his wife, forced him to re-register almost all his Russian assets to fake companies: Sokolniki Sports Palace CJSC, Industrial and Financial Group STB CJSC, two land plots in Odintsovsky district, 100 thousand sq. m of commercial space, as well as shares in six banks and six plants. Thus, according to Gorbuntsov, the total damage amounted to $1.2 billion.

To recall, the companies that were registered in the name of Usherovich, Markelov, and their third partner Aleksey Krapivin, were the main contractors of Russian Railways for about 10 years. In 2018, Forbes called them “the Kings of State Order,” having calculated that the annual amount of contracts exceeded 218 billion rubles ($3.34 billion).

Of the funds received, only a small part was spent on work, which was entrusted to the subcontractors, the rest was taken abroad through “money-laundering” banks, including those owned by Gorbuntsov. 

After the detention of Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko in 2016, in whose house a large sum of money was found, it turned out that he received monthly deductions from the Krapivin-Markelov-Usherovich group for general patronage.

Valery Markelov

Valery Markelov

One of the witnesses in this case was German Gorbuntsov.

In the autumn of 2018, Usherovich fled from Russia, first to Cyprus, and then to Israel. At that moment, in October, Markelov was arrested in Russia, and Usherovich was put on the international wanted list.

Back in Spring, Rosbalt reported that having Israeli citizenship, Usherovich submitted a petition for political asylum from the territory of Gibraltar to the British authorities. At the same time, during an interview with a migration officer, a businessman rested on the fact of extortion by law enforcement officers and special services of Russia, and he and his partners had to pay them bribes to save their business.

After that, he left Gibraltar and shot a video to prove that he was in Israel. However, the other day, according to agency sources, he came to London to begin to settle there for permanent residence.

It is known that in England, Usherovich was met by his assistant, Dmitry Motorin, who was also on the wanted list as part of the Zakharchenko case, and kingmaker Dmitry Smychkovsky, who had fled there earlier. The latter was also wanted by the FSB for mediation when transferring a bribe of $1 million to ICR officers for releasing Shakro Molodoy’s henchman, crime lord Andrey Kochuykov (Italyanets).

In London, Morotin and Smychkovsky own a company engaged in hunting organization. After the meeting, they all went to Albert Hall to Mark Knopfler's concert.



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