Defendants in case of illegal bonuses in MIA refuse to plead guilty

Defendants in case of illegal bonuses in MIA refuse to plead guilty
Vitaly Bykov

Ex-police officers denied the charges of illegal payment of bonuses to employees of the disbanded MIA department in the amount of 19 million rubles.

Defendants in the case of illegal bonuses for the high-ranking MIA officials, including the main accused — former head of the MIA in the Northwest Federal District General Vitaly Bykov — refused to plead guilty of embezzlement, forgery and attempted swindling, RIA Novosti reported.

After the MIA Central Board had been disbanded in May 2014, Bykov and his subordinates issued backdated orders about awarding 32 former heads of units totaling 19.1 million rubles.

At a hearing in the Dzerzhinsky District Court of St. Petersburg, all the defendants refused to plead guilty on any of the indictments. Answering the judge’s question whether he understood the charge and acknowledged it, Vitaly Bykov said that the investigation had multiple contradictions.

"No, I do not understand. The investigation contradicts itself. In their opinion, in some cases I had the right to sign documents, in other — I did not have it," Bykov said.

The MIA General also said that he had acted within his official duties in accordance with the rules and had not committed any violations. His subordinates also called the accusation "speculative."

Previously, the CrimeRussia reported that among the defendants were former Head of the MIA Main Department in the Northwest Federal District, the Police General Vitaly Bykov, his Deputy Alexander Monastyrshin, the Head of the Center of Logistics Support Ivan Lozyuk, the Head of the Financial and Economic Department Svetlana Shatova, and the Deputy Head of the conspiracy, staff and civil service Irina Burkhanova. They were charged with misappropriation and embezzlement, forgery and swindling.

The investigators claimed that after the Main Department of MIA for the Northwestern Federal District had been abolished, the management paid bonuses to some employees, spending all of the available money in their possession at the time — more than 19 million rubles. The money went primarily to senior executives, desk commandos, financiers, and some female employees of the secretariat.

During the investigation, it was revealed that some of the accused had been involved in apartment scams. In 2014, the Nedvizhimost Limited Liability Company and the Main Department of MIA for the Northwestern Federal District signed an investment contract for the purchase of 21 apartments in different districts of the city for employees of the department. All the purchased flats were registered on the relatives and friends of the central board leadership. However, Nedvizhimost employees found that none of the police officers were mentioned in the lists of recipients. After that, the businessmen decided to contact the Federal Security Service (FSB). Security agents spent a whole year verifying the facts, and in July 2015, the investigation resulted in a criminal case of swindling. This case and the illegal bonuses were combined into one.



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