Defendant of Oboronservis Case released on parole

Defendant of Oboronservis Case released on parole
Irina Egorova

Earlier, the colony’s administration vouched for the prisoner, but still argued against her release on parole.

The Sudogodsk Court of the Vladimir Region agreed to release one more defendant  of the Oboronservis case, Irina Egorova, on parole.  The application for release on parole was considered at an offsite meeting of the court in Penal Colony-1 of Golovino village, where Egorova is serving her sentence, says Interfax with reference to lawyer Yury Gervis. It should be recalled that director general of Limited Liability Company Paritet, Irina Egorova, was sentenced to 3 years and 10 months of imprisonment.

The colony’s administration vouched for Egorova, but still argued against her release on parole.

The Oboronservis case was initiated in 2012. A number of private companies were selling objects of the Ministry of Defense at a low price. As a result, these companies embezzled about 3 billion rubles.

The main defendant, former-official of the Ministry of Defense Evgenia Vasilieva was convicted in May 2015, but in August she was released on parole. The head of the Ministry Anatoly Serdyukov lost his position, but in the case he appeared only as witness.

Shortly before, on 16 June 2016, the Supreme Court declined cassation appeal on reconsideration of the sentence of the main defendant of the Oboronservis case Vasilieva.

Other defendants of the case were also released on parole. Those are Natalia and Nikolay Dynkovy and Dinara Bilyalova.

Ekaterina Smetanova, who was directly selling property of the Ministry of Defense, at the beginning concluded a prejudicial agreement on cooperation, gave testimonies against her accomplices and was placed under the state protection. In 2016 the court convicted Ekaterina Smetanova to 4 years of suspended sentence and also obliged her to pay 6,5 million rubles of fine. 



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