Defendant in Rochdelskaya shootout case asks to re-employ him

Defendant in Rochdelskaya shootout case asks to re-employ him
Denis Romashkin (to the right) Photo:

The former police officer Denis Romashkin claimed there were no legal grounds for his dismissal.

The former Acting Chief of the criminal investigation at the Presnensky department Denis Romashkin, involved in the shootout case in Rochdelskaya Street, filed a lawsuit for his wrongful dismissal from the service, said the Russian Legal Information Agency. In his statement, the ex-police officer demanded that he should be reinstated and repaid damages for the period he had to be out of job, 55 thousand rubles.

As Romashkin claims, during the inspection there was a breach of Article 52 of the law enforcement code. The lawsuit stated that the verification has not established any "causes, nature or circumstances of the charged disciplinary offense, there was no verdict, no objective assessment of the actions was followed by the decision of dismissal, the scene and circumstances of action to combat crime and apprehend the suspects were not taken into account". On this basis, the former policeman said that his dismissal had been unlawful. He asked the court to re-employ him and claimed 55 thousand rubles from the MIA Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Federal District, to compensate the time he had spent without a job.

The court will consider the claim on November 11. Currently Romashkin is in custody. His lawyer asked that his client should be put under house arrest, but the court ignored the arguments of the defense.

In December 2015, there was a skirmish at Elements restaurant in Rochdelskaya Street. According to the investigation, the thief in law Shakro Molodoy had sent his accomplice Andrey Kochuykov nicknamed the Italian to demand that the restaurant’s owner Zhanna Kim should pay him 8 million rubles she allegedly owed to Shakro’s friend Fatima Misikova. Kim’s side was represented by the ex-KGB officer Budantsev and his men. The talks turned into an armed conflict, in which the former security officer shot two men of Italian.

At the same time and at the same restaurant some policemen were quietly eating, among whom was officer Romashkin who had arrived at the scene on a call from his colleagues - Ildar Shakirov, security officer of the MIA Criminal Investigation Department for Presnensky District and Renat Zinnatulin, police commissioner in Presnensky district. The officials did not take any action to stop the bloodshed, for which they soon were arrested.



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