Defendant in Gaizer case reveals purchasing $457k house for ex-Komi head and bribing siloviki 

Defendant in Gaizer case reveals purchasing $457k house for ex-Komi head and bribing siloviki
Konstantin Romadanov

According to former Deputy Chairman of the Komi Government Konstantin Romadanov, ex-Head of the Komi MIA Vladimir Eremchenko and ex-Prosecutor of the republic Vladimir Ponevezhsky were also on the corrupt republican elite’s payroll.

The evidence of ex-Deputy Chairman of the Komi Government Konstantin Romadanov exposed some spending of the former Komi leadership from the so-called informal budget, replenished with the kickbacks from the owners of construction companies Aleksandr Olshevsky, Igor Leonov, and Ivan Pozdeev when their structures received state contracts, as well as from KES-Holding power company and ex-Komi Senator Evgeny Samoylov.

According to BNK, the materials of the preliminary investigation were announced on March 2 at the hearing of Gaizer case by the Zamoskvoretsky Court of Moscow.

The money from the informal budget was spent on estimates. From 120 to 200 million rubles ($2.1 to 3.5 million) was allocated for elective events. In addition to these expenses, there were monthly payments, which were indicated in the internal reports of Romadanov and his assistant Aleksey Sokolov as ‘maintenance’. Monthly expenses under this item were about 15 million rubles ($264,000). Starting in January 2007, amounts of 1.5 million rubles ($26,400) were paid monthly to former Komi Head Vladimir Torlopov, as well as 1 million rubles ($17,600) to his deputy Pavel Orda, ex-Head of the republic Vyacheslav Gaizer, and his deputy Aleksey Chernov. Smaller amounts were paid to other officials, the case materials say.

In addition, depending on the needs of Vladimir Torlopov, who was listed as ‘chief’ in the reports, the former head of Komi has been receiving various amounts of money since 2006 – from several tens of thousands of rubles to several million. In particular, Romadanov’s testimony refers to the purchase of a 26-million-ruble ($457,000) country house in Anapa for former Head of Komi Vladimir Torlopov in 2009. Romadanov said that the house was registered in accordance with the documents of Vladimir Torlopov’s friend.

The publication notes that the payments from the informal treasury were also used for the maintenance of former leaders of the republic’s law enforcement agencies – Komi MIA Head Vladimir Eremchenko and Republic Prosecutor Vladimir Ponevezhsky.

Vladimir Ponevezhsky and Vladimir Eremchenko

Vladimir Ponevezhsky and Vladimir Eremchenko

According to Romadanov’s interrogation report, from 2008 to 2011, Head of MIA Eremchenko monthly received from 800 thousand rubles ($14,080) to 4.8 million rubles ($84,480). In Sokolov’s reports, these expenses were marked as ‘Erema’. He was listed in a group titled ‘big friends’, which also included former Komi Prosecutor Vladimir Ponevezhsky. As directed by Chernov, Romadanov would prepare envelopes for the ‘big friends’, each of which contained 1.33 million rubles ($23,408). The interviewee estimates the total amount received by participants of the specified group at 30 million rubles ($528,000).

Romadanov himself would receive $10 thousand a month from the informal treasury, BNK notes.



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