Defendant in Colonel Zakharchenko’s case leaves largest contractor of Russian Railways

Defendant in Colonel Zakharchenko’s case leaves largest contractor of Russian Railways
Valery Markelov

Valery Markelov’s share in 1520 group of companies was transferred to Aleksey Krapivin, a co-owner. Thus, Krapivin's share in 1520 reached 56.66%.

Alexey Krapivin, a co-owner of 1520 group of companies, the largest construction contractor of Russian Railways, has doubled his stake in the company to 56.66%, RBC reports. According to the State Register, Krapivin received a share of a defendant in the case of Colonel Zakharchenko - Valery Markelov (28.33%).

Markelov was arrested in October 2018 on suspicion of giving bribes to the former head of the "T" Department of the Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Krapivin is the general director of 1520. His father, Andrei Krapivin, was an adviser to the former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, who resigned in August 2015. Andrei Krapivin and his partners owned the largest railway monopoly contractors. After the change of leadership at the Russian Railways and the death of Krapivin Sr. in April 2015, these companies continued to receive new contracts. 1520 group of companies also includes Roszheldorproekt, Lengiprotrans, Dalgiprotrans, Foratek Energotransstroy, Bamstroymekhanizatsiya, Energomontazh and Mostootryad-47

Bamstroymekhanizatsiya company has repeatedly received contracts from the Russian Railways for modernization of Transsib and BAM railroad lines. In 2014, the company received the largest contract for 133.5 billion rubles. Shareholders of 1520 took the first place in the Forbes’s rating - Kings of State Order 2018. The total amount of the government contracts received by the company was estimated at 218.2 billion rubles. 

The second largest shareholder of 1520 is Boris Usherovich, who is also involved in the case of Dmitry Zakharchenko. On March 18, Usherovich was arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list. He is currently hiding abroad. Both persons involved in the case of Zakharchenko - Markelov and Usherovich - were business partners of Krapivin Sr.. Another 15.01% of shares in 1520 belongs to Yuri Obodovsky. According to the State Register, Obodovsky and Usherovich saved their shares in the company. 

Alexey Krapivin’s acquisition of Markelov’s stake in 1520 took place at the same time with the appearance of information about the upcoming sale of the group of companies. On April 15, Vedomosti newspaper reported that VEB.RF announced its readiness to buy a significant stake in the group of companies. Also, VEB.RF may purchase a blocking stake in Mostotrest company of Arkady Rotenberg. In each of these companies, the state corporation can acquire from 30 to 49% for the sum of from 30 billion to 130 billion rubles.

Despite VEB.RF claims a controlling stake in1520, a shareholder agreement is expected to be made, according to which the operational management will remain with the current shareholders and their team, a source close to one of the parties of the transaction told about this.



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