Defendant in case of embezzlement at Interra forum sentenced to 4 years

Defendant in case of embezzlement at Interra forum sentenced to 4 years
Photo: RIA Novosti. Pavel Komarov

The state prosecutor asked the court to sentence Lada Yurchenko and Dmitry Petrov to six years in prison.

The judge has announced the verdict for two businessmen, who stand accused of embezzling 2.7 million rubles, allocated for the Interra-2012 international innovation forum in Novosibirsk. Lada Yurchenko was sentenced to 4 years with probation, Dmitry Petrov – to 4 years in a general regime penal colony, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the Zaeltsovsky District Court of Novosibirsk.

The former director of the Agentstvo Regionalnogo Marketinga (Regional Marketing Agency) Lada Yurchenko and director of the B-52 private marketing agency Dmitry Petrov are accused of embezzling 2.7 million rubles. In the debate, the state prosecutor asked the court to sentence each of them to 6 years in prison under the article "Embezzling Committed by a Group of Persons by Prior Agreement on a large scale."

"To sentence Yurchenko to imprisonment for a term of 4 years. Punishment is to be considered suspended for 4 years. To sentence Petrov to 4 years of imprisonment in a general regime penal colony," the judge Marina Matienko declared. She also noted that Petrov’s stay in custody since March, 19, 2014, would be counted as part of the final imprisonment term.

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, Yurchenko convinced the management of the regional Ministry of Economic Development that the forum events could be paid for only by financing the contract of sublease of the premises, which she had already concluded. In fact, she had signed it retroactively with a subsidiary organization for the amount of 13.7 million rubles.

According to the ministry, the conclusion of this contract allowed for uncontrolled spending of budget funds, which had been transferred to the account of that commercial firm. After the company received part of the sum, Petrov and Yurchenko, according to the ICR data, stole 2.7 million rubles by transferring this money to the account of an organization used for cashing out funds under the guise of payment for services allegedly rendered to a subsidiary company. The indictment was approved by Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Semchishin.

The case against Petrov and Yurchenko was initiated in August 2013, and the trial began in June 2015. During all this time, Lada Yurchenko was under written pledge not to leave the country, and Petrov remained in custody since March 2014. Both defendants have repeatedly declared their innocence.



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