"Damn them!": Poklonskaya accuses Transparency International of circulating fake documents

"Damn them!": Poklonskaya accuses Transparency International of circulating fake documents
Natalya Poklonskaya

The deputy of the State Duma provided copies of the documents of the real owner of the apartment in Donetsk.

State Duma deputy Natalya Poklonskaya said that representatives of the Russian branch of Transparency International passed out fake documents on the right of ownership of the apartment in Donetsk. According to the parliamentarian, the investigators who accused her of undeclared 29.9 square meters of real estate, published documents with a ‘drawn’ identification code and other incorrect data.

In evidence Poklonskaya posted certified copies confirming the ownership of the apartment in Donetsk by a certain woman on her page in the social network. According to them, the real estate belongs to Natalya Vladimirovna Dubrovskaya born in 1974. While Poklonskaya (according to unofficial data, Dubrovskaya is the maiden name of the deputy) was born in 1980.

"I express the utmost respect to the gentlemen from Transparency International eating grants for the thorough investigation, as well as almost sincere gratitude for the enthusiasm to increase my dowry. But unfortunately, the owner of the apartment of 29.9 square meters on Rimsky Korsakov in Donetsk is not very happy with this twist", the State Duma deputy noted.

Poklonskaya also noted a ‘positive effect’ of the story that was widely publicized.

"Now I know what to say to journalists asking to comment on the ‘investigations’ of such organizations, too. Damn them!" – concluded the deputy.

Meanwhile, the press secretary of Transparency International, Artem Yefimov, denies the publication of forged documents.

"The documents we used in the published material were taken from the Ukrainian register of rights to real estate. We used the data from the register. We deny the forgery of documents", Yefimov told RNS.

After the publication of the anti-corruption investigation Poklonskaya promised to inspect the organization under four articles of the Criminal Code. On June 8 she sent inquiries to the Prosecutor General's Office, the FSB and the ICR asking them to verify the activities of Transparency International and its officials. The parliamentarian said that after the inspections initiated by her, the investigators "will really deal with their business – cutting firewood".




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