Dalnegorsk official to spend 2 months in jail

Dalnegorsk official to spend 2 months in jail
Igor Sahuta

Igor Sahuta was arrested on suspicion of embezzling 22 million rubles during a social housing program.

The Leninsky district court of Vladivostok incarcerated Igor Sahuta, Dalnegorsk administration head, for two months. The officer is suspected of power abuse.

As we wrote before, on December 14, Federal Security officers raided the Dalnegorsk Administration suspecting the official of fraud during the implementation of the social housing program that allowed the underprivileged people to move out of their dilapidated houses. The operational activities resulted in Igor Sahuta’s arrest.

Investigators believe that the City Hall official had organized auctions for the underprivileged from substandard houses to purchase well-appointed apartments, unduly inflating the prices. 34 apartments have been purchased under such contracts with a 5-million-ruble extra charge for each. The region’s budget suffered a damage of 22 million rubles. The criminal case might feature other people; the investigators are considering who else may be involved in the malfeasance.

Meanwhile, Sahuta’s City Hall colleagues testified in favor of the Mayor, believing that he had not committed the violations he was charged with. The apartments for the underprivileged were purchased within the limits prescribed by law, as it is said in a statement posted on the official website of the City Administration.

Currently, First Deputy Mayor Viktor Koloskov is the Dalnegorsk Interim Mayor.


Igor Sahuta was born in Dalnegorsk in 1972. He was raised and got his degree in the region. In 2001, he started his own business. In 2012 Mr. Sahuta became a member of the City Council, from Spravedlivaya Rossiya (A Just Russia) Party. Just a year later he was elected the Head of Dalnegorsk municipality. According to some reports, while in the office, the Mayor signed multi-million ruble municipal contracts with Avtobaza № 7, a company he previously ran. On paper, the company belonged to his civil wife Anna Shekera. Sahuta’s term will end in the second half of 2018.



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