Dagestani Minister of Construction suspected of corruption

Dagestani Minister of Construction suspected of corruption
Minister Ibrahim Kazibekov could become next

According to the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the republic, Ibrahim Kazibekov participated in the budgetary funds’ frauds of ex-Prime Minister Abdusamad Hamidov.

Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of Dagestan Ibrahim Kazibekov is suspected of complicity in the frauds of arrested ex-Prime Minister of the republic Abdusamad Hamidov, Versiya na Kavkaze reports. According to the edition, reports regarding the Minister appear in the summary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dagestan. Deputy Minister of Transport, Energy and Communications of the Republic Yusup Mallamagomedov is under suspicion too.

According to the police report, Ibrahim Kazibekov amended the decree on approving the targeted resettlement program for citizens from emergency housing, Versiya reports. Kazibekov allegedly overstated the cost per square meter from 25.450 to 34.850 rubles. Overexpenditure of the budget amounted to 386 million 200 thousand rubles ($6.8m).

Deputy Transport Minister Yusup Mallamagomedov, according to police, overestimated the price of furniture in 2015. The cost of five state contracts amounted to 13.5 million rubles ($237.050). Rosbalt reports that later this money was stolen in collusion with affiliated supplier companies.

These episodes are currently being investigated. A criminal case may be initiated against officials.

Former acting Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdusamad Hamidov was arrested by the Moscow Basmanny court on February 6. The court also arrested two of his deputies and the former Minister of Education of the republic. According to the investigation, officials stole budget funds allocated for the implementation of social programs in Dagestan. They are suspected of creating a gang.



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