Dagestani colonel offers $2m bribe to clean record of terrorist ties reports and get promotion 

Dagestani colonel offers $2m bribe to clean record of terrorist ties reports and get promotion
Magomed Khizriev

Magomed Khizriev is suspected of offering a $2-million bribe.

Magomed Khizriev, who was detained in Moscow yesterday on suspicion of attempted $2-million bribery, offered the money asking to remove some compromising material from his record so that he could become head of the republic’s office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kommersant said.

The newspaper claims that the police colonel was trying to negotiate with the leadership of the Interior Ministry's Security Dept. and asked for some information to be removed from his file. For instance, there had been reports of Khizriev’s alleged ties to terrorists when he was the head of the Sovietsky district police department of Makhachkala; also, Ahmad Magomedov, leader of the Makhachkala MIA, was getting threats and then got killed after a fight with Khizriev.

Over the past eight years, Lieutenant General Abdurashid Magomedov has headed Interior Ministry of Dagestan. Since he celebrated his 60th birthday this year, he must resign under the law. However, a presidential decree prolonged his contract for another year. 2019 is the year when the head of the Dagestani police will be chosen, so Khizriev was trying to get rid of anything that could stand on his way to get the promotion.

According to anonymous sources of the publication, some local politicians had been helping Khizriev up to this point, in exchange for certain "services" from the official. The newspaper mentioned Said Murtazaliev, ex-head of the Dagestani pension fund department, who was put on the wanted list, while Andrei Vinogradov, the ex-head of the Kizlyar district, is said to be under arrest; both crimes are of a terrorist nature.

Magomed Khizriev was detained in the afternoon of June 5 in one of the buildings of the Central Directorate of the MIA Security Dept. for Moscow. The central office of the FSB and MIA Security Dept. carried out the operation. The charges against Khizriev were brought under part 5 of Article 291 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-giving on an especially large scale).

Video: Detention of Dagestani head of MIA Security Dept.



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