Dagestan: police arrest head of medical examination bureau

Dagestan: police arrest head of medical examination bureau

The public official would take bribes for issuing disability certificates. This is a common practice in Dagestan as its unemployment rate is very high.

The Dagestan Court ordered the woman to prison. She had worked as the head of Medical Examination Bureau No. 37. She is suspected of taking a bribe and forgery, according to ICR Dagestan Office of Investigations Head’s Senior Assistant Rasul Temirbekov.

Makhachkalinskie Izvestiya noted that Head of the Medical Examination Bureau No. 37 Agaeva Zaira Agaevna, according to the Main Dagestan Medical & Social Examination Bureau.

Agaeva and her subordinates would take bribes for issuing disability certificates to children, according to investigators. Agaeva and her subordinates began taking bribes in 2016. They took 155,000 rubles ($2,500) from two local residents for disability certificates for their children.

Then the perpetrators entered false data in official documents, stating Medical Examination Bureau No. 37 doctors examined two children. It was not the case, Temirbekov noted.

The forgery was discovered following an inspection. The police launched an investigation for violation of article 290 (Bribery) and 292 (Forgery) of the Criminal Code. The police are looking for other accessories. The investigation continues.

Let us remind you that Acting Dagestan Head Vladimir Vasiliev and Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika discussed the issue of widespread fake disability certificates during a meeting in February 2018. The information surfaced following a large-scale anti-corruption purging in Dagestan; the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office revealed 2,400 violations. 70 criminal and 433 administrative investigations were launched as a result.



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