Dagestan official caught on $17.400 bribe

Dagestan official caught on $17.400 bribe
The corrupt official was caught red-handed by the law enforcement officers

For the bribe, a civil servant promised one of the locals to illegally issue a land plot of 10 hectares.⁠

In Dagestan, when receiving a bribe of 1 million rubles ($17.400), the head of the municipal administration and land relations of the Magaramkent district was detained.

According to investigators, in March this year the civil servant promised to help one of the local residents illegally register a 10 hectare land plot for farming. For his services, the corrupt official asked for 1.8 million rubles ($31.400). However, the local resident decided to inform the law enforcement officers about the criminal deal. So, already under the close attention of the employees of the regional FSB, the bribe-giver transferred a part of the previously agreed bribe in the amount of 1 million rubles to a high-ranking official. The corrupt official was caught red-handed by the law enforcement officers.

On this fact, the investigating authorities opened a criminal case under part 2 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale).

Comments from the representatives of the Magaramkent district administration regarding the initiation of criminal proceedings have not yet been received. The name of the suspect was not disclosed, however according to the site of the regional administration, since 2014 the department of land relations is headed by Basir Isabekov.⁠



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