Dagestan: Minister of Architecture and Housing absconds after searches 

Dagestan: Minister of Architecture and Housing absconds after searches
Ibragim Kazibekov

Ibragim Kazibekov is suspected of complicity in the criminal activities of arrested members of the regional government.

After searches in his the house and at the workplace, Acting Minister of Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of Dagestan Ibragim Kazibekov fled Russia.

“According to some reports, Kazibekov has left the republic. Allegedly, he is in Ukraine. This information is being clarified,” Interfax reports citing its source.

To recall, as officially reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, today’s searches in the house and at the workplace of the minister were conducted as part of the investigation into a criminal case on swindling on an especially large scale committed by an organized group.

“According to available information, the suspects would sell a square meter of housing worth 25 thousand 450 rubles ($452) to the residents of Derbent for 34 thousand 850 rubles ($619),” a source familiar with the situation reported.

The investigation reports that Kazibekov, conspiring with Acting Head of the republic Abdusamad Hamidov and his deputies Shamil Isayev and Rajudin Yusufov, deliberately overstated prices when implementing the targeted program for resettlement of citizens from emergency housing. The damage from the officials’ actions is provisionally estimated at 400 million rubles ($7.1 million).



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