Culture Deputy Minister Pirumov and his associates unanimously confessed embezzlement

Culture Deputy Minister Pirumov and his associates unanimously confessed embezzlement
Deputy Head of the Ministry of Culture Grigory Pirumov Photo: Kristina Kormilitsyna / Kommersant

The defendants pleaded guilty, three of them have already left the prison walls.

All figures of the high-profile Restorers’ case, including Deputy Head of the Ministry of Culture Grigory Pirumov, pleaded guilty and repented compensating for damage.

Recall, arrested in March this year on charges of swindling on an especially large scale categorically denied their guilt. According to Kommersant, the accused took about six months to admit to embezzlement. So, the first confessions were given by entrepreneur Nikita Kolesnikov, CEO of Baltstroy Dmitry Sergeev and manager of this company Alexander Kochenov. Sergeev and Kochenov concluded a pre-trial agreement on cooperation with the Deputy of the Prosecutor General Viktor Grin and testified to the accomplices. Thus, in October, three businessmen came out of the pre-trial detention center Lefortovo under house arrest.

Getting wise that defendants have begun to give evidence, other persons began to admit their involvement in the embezzlement: Culture Deputy Minister Grigory Pirumov, Head of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Center of Restoration Oleg Ivanov, Director of Asset Management Department and Investment Policy of the Ministry of Culture Boris Mazo, Head of the FSUE Construction, Reconstruction and Restoration Directorate Boris Tsagaraev and Vladimir Svanbek, the Head of JSC Baltstroy projects. In addition, they have collected about 10 million rubles to repay the damage. In this case, the damage is more than 100 million rubles, but the exact amount has not been determined yet. Besides, apartments, country houses and cars of defendants in the case were arrested. But it was not enough to leave the pre-trial detention center. The Moscow City Court took into account the severity of the alleged offenses and the fact that it has yet to be completed a variety of expert examinations.

Meanwhile, in the Restorers’ case there are no unidentified defendants.

As previously the CrimeRussia reported, defendants in the case are accused of Swindling (part 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) of the budget funds allocated for the restoration of cultural heritage.

According to the FSB, in 2012, Grigory Pirumov created a criminal group, whose members concluded state contracts at a higher cost with close to them commercial structures on the restoration of the Novodevichy Convent, Pskov Academic Drama Theatre n.a. Alexander Pushkin, John the Baptist Monastery, Museum of cosmonautics in Kaluga, Izborsk fortress and Kronprinz tower in Kaliningrad. During that officials received kickbacks.



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