Criminals in the family of supreme Chelyabinsk investigator Denis Chernyat’ev 

Criminals in the family of supreme Chelyabinsk investigator Denis Chernyat’ev
Lieutenant general Denis Chernyat’ev covers-up his brother and wife Photo: The CrimeRussia

Lieutenant general of justice Denis Chernyat’ev, Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Chelyabinsk Region of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR), is a glaring example of a high-ranked investigator surrounded by relatives behaving like criminals.

Father had two sons... 

The lieutenant general is currently waiting for the transfer to a similar position in the Republic of Bashkortostan – dubbed ‘a gold mine’ by law enforcement officials. Chernyat’ev does not have significant achievements or exploits on the record – but his family ties are truly outstanding. 

Some D.N. Chernyat’ev lives in Tyumen’. He is a namesake of general Chernyat’ev – also a native of Tyumen’. D.N. Chernyat’ev resides in apt. 189 at 84 Osipenko street. According to some information, the previous owner of this apartment was Nikolai Chernyat’ev, ex-judge of the Tyumen’ Regional Court, deceased in 2017. The official biography of the Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Chelyabinsk Region of the ICR states that he was born “in the family of a famous lawyer”. The late judge is the father of Denis Chernyat’ev – who was not the only child in the family.

Генерал-лейтенант Денис Чернятьев

Lieutenant general Denis Chernyat’ev

The second son – Dmitry – is four years younger than his high-ranked brother, and his career was pretty special. Dmitry is a drunkard, hooligan, alcoholic, and criminal. This family drama conceals plenty of questions that have to be answered by the ICR and Prosecutor’s Office.

Дмитрий Чернятьев

Dmitry Chernyat’ev

Dmitry Chernyat’ev has been going downhill since a young age. In 1996, 18-year-old Chernyat’ev junior was arrested for driving without a driver’s license. In the same year, his father, then-Chairman of the Leninsky District Court of Tyumen’, got a promotion and became a judge of the Tyumen’ Regional Court. The escapades of his son haven’t sullied his robe. Apparently, President Yeltsin decided that the father is not responsible for the son and appointed Chernyat’ev senior to a higher post. The Chernyat’ev family drew a paradoxical conclusion from that story – and purchased a car for Dmitry Chernyat’ev. 

Truth is in the official ID, bro! 

All hell broke loose. In 2002–2003, the younger son of the judge was arrested 14 times for driving without a license and drunk driving. According to some information, Dmitry was included in the 1997 amnesty. The amnesty was carried out for humanitarian reasons and affected participants of military conflicts, elderly and disabled people, tuberculosis patients, minors sentenced to terms not exceeding three years behind bars, and... adult Dmitry Chernyat’ev. The question is: who could arrange his amnesty – the father–judge or the elder brother serving in that period in the Prosecutor’s Office of the Tyumen’ Region? By the way, it is unknown how could Denis Chernyat’ev get a job in the Prosecutor’s Office having a brother with a criminal record. Was it the lap of Fortune?

Дмитрий Чернятьев

Dmitry Chernyat’ev

In 2005, Chernyat'ev junior was robbing bystanders in an indiscriminate way. Once, he stole a cell phone (criminal case № 19852); on another occasion – a CD (criminal case № 21370). Somehow, he managed to avoid jail every time – perhaps, because his elder brother was in that period the Head of the Department for Special Cases of the Investigations Directorate of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Tyumen’ Region? 

In 2011, Denis Chernyat’ev was appointed the Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Kurgan Region of the ICR. Two years later, he relocated to Chelyabinsk and took up his current position. In the meantime, the younger brother became a security guard on a parking lot belonging to businessman Valery V’yukhov. V’yukhov also owns Zaslon+ Private Security Company, which is pretty logical for a former police officer who had participated in raiding takeovers (including the seizure of Dorozhnik (Road Worker) Limited Liability Company) without discontinuing his service.

Dmitry Chernyat'ev has steadied down latterly – his escapades are now limited to petty hooliganism and breaches of public order. Residents of Tyumen' remember whose son and brother he is. The police fine him only 500 rubles ($7.5) – although on a regular basis. This reminds of the second ‘peril' in the family of Denis Chernyat'ev. 

“She became bad while being with me” 

Elena Chernyat’eva, spouse of the Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Chelyabinsk Region of the ICR, could become a pride of the region. The general’s wife used to be a philanthropist – to be specific, the President of Hermitage Center for Education, Culture, Arts, and Spiritual Personality Development established in 2011.

Елена Чернятьева

lena Chernyat’eva

But then Elena Chernyat'eva became a persistent non-payer. She does not like to repay loans gladly granted to her by banks. For instance, the spouse of Denis Chernyat'ev was in litigation with Russian Standard Bank twice – and it is not the only credit institution lending significant amounts to her. The credit history of Elena Chernyat'eva is very bad – but banks still give loans to her: it is easier to part with the money rather than deal with subordinates of her husband. 

Chernyat’eva does not pay not only to bankers – but to the state as well. Her indebtedness to the Federal Tax Service is pretty high. The governmental agency has no chance to recover this debt – at least, as long as her husband holds supreme positions in the ICR. The lady is so disappointed at charities that she is reluctant to return money even to her father.

One might sympathize with Denis Chernyat'ev: his brother is a drunkard, his wife keeps her eye on the ball, while he honestly serves his motherland. But the question is: why is the Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Chelyabinsk Region of the ICR unwilling to repay the debts of his spouse? Based on his demonstratively modest income and asset declaration, Chernyat'ev is able to do so. After all, he could sell the personal Toyota Camry – but, apparently, the brave general does not care of bankers and the father-in-law. What does the law say in such a situation? In fact, the law was ignored many times in the last five years in full view of Denis Chernyat'ev. 

Slippery slope 

Take, for instance, the ‘sale’ of a motor road section in the Kurchatovsky district of Chelyabinsk. To refresh background: businessmen Andrei Emel’yanov and Aleksander Besputin have purchased a lot in the Kurchatovsky district on the outskirts of Chelyabinsk. Their hand-scribbled plan to build there a residential neighborhood was quickly approved.

участок Емельянова

Parcel belonging to Emel’yanov

Then Andrei Emel'yanov seized a half of the lot from Besputin with the assistance of ‘authoritative' Chelyabinsk Deputy Sergei Shumakov, thus, getting his own parcel with the cadastral number 74:19:0901002:205. The cost of the useless land immediately increased to 14.8 million rubles ($221 thousand). According to the development plant, a road had to be laid through this parcel. So, Emel'yanov and Shumakov found a way how to get ten times more money. They were just doing nothing. The residential neighborhood was steadily growing without the transport infrastructure – much to the displeasure of its residents. Ultimately, the municipal administration has built the road at its own expense and ‘forgot' to seize the land from Emel'yanov. 

The landowner – who has settled in the Czech Republic by that time – started a legal battle with the municipality demanding as much as 155.6 million rubles ($2.3 million). The municipal administration opted not to fight, and the matter was settled out of court. The ignoble peace involved the allocation of three lots to Emel'yanov and payment of a compensation of 500 thousand rubles ($7.5 thousand) to him. In total, the city has lost – while Emel'yanov gained – over 131 million rubles ($2 million).

This ‘legal mayhem' was ongoing in plain view of Chernyat'ev – who had turned a blind eye to it. In his interviews, the lieutenant general prefers to discuss the statistics – not specific cases. Chernyat'ev feels ashamed – not for himself, but for the Chelyabinsk region. The Regional Prosecutor's Office has identified elements of corruption in the story with the motor road – while the supreme regional investigator does not see anything wrong there. Perhaps, this is because all members 




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