Criminalist police officer got prosecuted for 150 thousand rubles bribery in Vologda

Criminalist police officer got prosecuted for 150 thousand rubles bribery in Vologda

An officer of the Vologda Regional Forensic Center of the MIA Administration got prosecuted for bribery.

In Vologda, investigative bodies have initiated a criminal case against a 45-year-old employee of the Regional Forensic Center of the MIA Administration. The materials collected by the Investigative Department of Internal Security of Vologda MIA Administration and the FSB Regional Office have served as the basis for the institution of proceedings. The police officer is charged with Bribe-Taking on a considerable scale (part 2 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code).

The investigating authorities have determined that in the evening last Thursday on September 8, the Deputy Head of Technical Expertise Department of the MIA Administration Forensic Science Center for the Vologda region, holding police lieutenant colonel status, illegally received 150 thousand rubles from a citizen in exchange for his assistance in preparing a Forensic Science Center expert finding regarding the determination of the original VIN-number of a vehicle, which had been previously stolen. He received the bribe inside a vehicle, parked in the alley next to one of the houses in Dolgoe. It was assumed that the amount received by the police officer would serve as a fee for issuing an expert finding that would satisfy the requirements of interested parties.

The police officer was arrested red-handed when receiving the money. Then law enforcement officers conducted search in his apartment and office. Investigators are currently working to determine all circumstances of the crime and establish the suspect's involvement in other similar crimes. In addition, a measure of restraint is being selected for the detained police officer.

The criminal investigation continues.



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