CrimeRussia exposes corruption. ICR to check Udmurtia’s T Plus

CrimeRussia exposes corruption. ICR to check Udmurtia’s T Plus
Boris Vainzikher and Evgeny Olkhovik are suspected of giving particularly large bribes

The disreputable company came to the attention of law enforcement bodies.

The information obtained through CrimeRussia’s inquiry is starting to get confirmation: the Investigative Committee is going to scrutinize T Plus in Udmurtia, Izhlife wrote. This was reported by a man from Izhevsk, who had turned to the law enforcement with a statement regarding the company’s activity. His letter will be attached to the case file on giving especially large bribes by T Plus management to the Komi Government. All the documents contained in the appeal will be legally assessed, the authorities promised.

T Plus branch in Udmurtia urged everyone "not to respond to the speculations of those who just want to get attention with a high-profile criminal case in the Komi Republic." The company linked the looming inspection with in an attempt to slow down the modernization process of Izhevsk supply system after the concession agreement was signed.

In its research, the CrimeRussia was the first to bring to the readers’ attention the fact that T Plus, working in close cooperation with the former and present officials of the region, virtually monopolized the heating systems of two of the largest Udmurtia’s cities, Izhevsk and Sarapul, resulting in a supply disaster in the former. The CrimeRussia will continue to keep abreast of T Plus-related developments.



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