Court seizes apartments of ex-Colonel Zakharchenko’s common-law wife and daughter

Court seizes apartments of ex-Colonel Zakharchenko’s common-law wife and daughter
Anastasiya Pestrikova

Investigation into the case of MIA Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, accused of corruption, continues.⁠

The Basmanny Court of Moscow has seized the apartments of the common-law wife and daughter of former MIA officer Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko – Anastasiya Pestrikova and Ulyana Zakharchenko. The Moscow City Court has confirmed this ruling, TASS reports.

“An apartment on 19, Efremova Street, worth 80 million rubles ($1.37 million), has been seized. The apartments, which Dmitry [Zakharchenko] had bought for his daughter Ulyana Zakharchenko, born in 2008, have also been seized,” an investigator said in the Moscow City Court, which was hearing an appeal against the seizure of Anastasiya Pestrikova’s property.

According to him, a 16-million-ruble ($274 thousand) apartment of Zakharchenko’s ex-wife Yana Saratovtseva has also been attached. The investigator added that Pestrikova does not have official income.

Lawyer Valeriya Tunnikova, who represents the interests of Pestrikova, has filed a complaint against this decision with the Moscow City Court, in which hearings in the case were held today. She said that the arrested property does not belong to Zakharchenko himself, who is currently under investigation in the case of bribery. “The attached property was purchased at the expense of the father of Zakharchenko’s common-law wife,” the lawyer said.

“The man, who bought this property, is Pestrikova’s father. We do not deny that she does not have an official income, but she has parents, who are very wealthy. At the same time, I defend Zakharchenko, and I can tell that it is the property, the price of which is several times higher than that of the alleged corruption episodes, that has been arrested. Which doesn’t make sense,” Valeriya Tunnikova said.

The investigation, in turn, said that the property was purchased with Zakharchenko’s money, which he had received illegally. The court agreed with the investigation and decided to leave the property of the colonel’s family under arrest.

Anastasiya Pestrikova, the common-law wife of ex-Colonel Zakharchenko, is a suspect in one more case. She is charged with an attempt at swindling on an especially large scale. Law enforcement bodies believe that she has attempted to embezzle $16 million from her friend. September 28, she was detained at the airport of Samara intending to leave for Cyprus.

Acting Head of the Department T of the MIA Anti-Corruption Directorate Zakharchenko was detained in September 2016. He is charged under three articles of the Russian Criminal Code, namely 285 (Abuse of official powers), 290 (Bribe-taking), and 294 (Obstruction of justice and manufacture of preliminary investigation). After the Colonel was detained in September 2016, a large amount of money in foreign currency equivalent to 8.5 billion rubles was found and seized from one of the apartments owned by his family. The colonel’s father Viktor Zakharchenko is also under investigation over a 4-million-ruble ($68.5 thousand) embezzlement from MIA-bank.



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