Court reinforces refusal to return Khoroshavin’s property

Court reinforces refusal to return Khoroshavin’s property
The court found no reason to return to Khoroshavin his confiscated property Photo: Dmitry Korotaev / The Kommersant

Court officials said there were no grounds for consideration of the ex-Governor’s complaint.

The Presidium of the Sakhalin Regional Court dismissed the appeal of Aleksander Khoroshavin, the region’s former Governor, who claimed his property should be given back to him, according to Kommersant. The property already seized from the former Sakhalin Head is worth over 74 million rubles, yet the court decision was to seize 1.1 billion rubles worth of the official’s possessions in favor of the state.

According to the court, a verdict may be abolished or altered only if there is "misinterpretation and misapplication of the law that affect the outcome of the case, and unless clarified, prevent the effective restoration and protection of the violated rights and freedoms and make impossible safeguarding of legally protected public interests". Having found no such errors, the court rejected the complaint.

In December 2016, all the confiscated property was taken over by the Federal Property Management in the Moscow Region.

The ex-official’s family has appealed both to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and to President Vladimir Putin. Khoroshavins wrote a letter stating that the courts were grossly violating the presumption of innocence, taking away property from someone before he has been proven guilty. Besides, the detainee’s family brought to the court’s attention the fact that all the possessions had been acquired and declared in full accordance with the Russian law and the anti-corruption law in particular.

Currently, Aleksander Khoroshavin is in custody on suspicion of accepting substantial bribes and creation of a gang engaged in extortion from local businessmen.



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