Court lifts seizure of numerous property holdings of Klin district ex-head Postrigan

Court lifts seizure of numerous property holdings of Klin district ex-head Postrigan
Alexander Postrigan

The court decision of the first instance is abolished, and, therefore, there is no decision on the seizure of assets in force.

The criminal case against the former Head of Klin district of the Moscow region, Alexander Postrigan, was initiated in the summer of 2018. He is suspected of Exceeding Official Powers with the infliction of grave consequences and Official Forgery (part 3 of Art. 286 and Art. 292 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The official commissioned a house for those from dilapidated housing, which is now recognized to be in bad repair. The investigation believes that Postrigan knew that the works on this object were not performed in an appropriate way, but still signed its commissioning. The damage is estimated at 34 million rubles ($514.4 thousand).

The investigation found that Postrigan has a huge amount of land plots and real estate, which he acquired with the funds obtained through shadow administrative activity, and registered with nominee owners - wife, son, friends of the accused - 8 people in total. The Klin City Court, at the request of the investigation, seized the property for interim measures to pay damages, Kommersant reports.

Property owners did not agree with the court’s decision and started appealing the decisions. Meanwhile, the ICR managed to extend the arrest of real estate and land several times, and then passed the case from the territorial department to the ICR's Main Investigative Directorate for the Moscow region. The court proceedings went to the Babushkinsky District Court of Moscow. But in the end, the Moscow Regional Court during the appeal declared illegal the initial arrest of real estate itself. The August decision of the Klin City Court was canceled there, the materials were returned back and the court of first instance was offered to reconsider the issue of imposing restrictions on the disputed property in a different composition. To date, according to the lawyer of Alexander Postrigan, there is no court decision to seize the assets that has entered into force. All subsequent decisions are now canceled. The lawyer could not answer whether the property owners will be able to take advantage of the pause to dispose of it at their discretion. In addition, the defense insists that the amount of damage of 34 million rubles ($514.4 thousand) is no way commensurate with the value of the property seized. In addition, the investigation, according to the lawyers, failed to prove the affiliation of the legal owners of the property with the accused Postrigan.



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