Court lifted attachment of property of dead MIA General from Sugrobov’s case

Court lifted attachment of property of dead MIA General from Sugrobov’s case
Former deputy head of the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting Corruption of MIA mayor-general Boris Kolesnikov Photo: Kommersant

Boris Kolesnikov was one of the defendants in case over criminal community and falsification in the central board, main defendant of which is General Denis Sugrobov.

The Moscow City Court lifted an attachment of property of General of the Anti-Corruption Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Boris Kolesnikov, who, presumably, committed suicide in 2014.

The law enforcement authority was a defendant on the case of a criminal community and falsifications in the central board. According to the investigators, Chief of the Central Board General Denis Sugrobov was an organizer of the group. The staff of the Administration, as it is said in case papers, falsified criminal cases on officials and businessmen.

As RBC writes, the decision on removal of arrest was made in December, 2016, however it was revealed only now. Civil actions from the victims for the total amount of 218 million rubles formed the basis for arrest.

To recall, Sugrobov’s and Kolesnikov's property for the total amount about 300 million rubles was arrested in August, 2014. In particular, the latter had at his disposal two non-residential premises which were leased by his parents, Kommersant wrote. Lawyers of a family of Kolesnikov appealed against arrest, specifying that he is not incriminated any corruption crimes with causing material harm.⁠ 



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