Court confiscates tax officer's apartment of unknown origin

Court confiscates tax officer's apartment of unknown origin

The apartment costs more than 3 million rubles ($56.400). The income of the official and her relatives does not allow her to buy such an expensive apartment.

The Sovetsky District Court of Tomsk grants the suit of city prosecutor Viktor Fedotov over the confiscation of an apartment worth about 3 million rubles from an official of the Federal Tax Service city inspectorate, who bought it with money of unknown origin. This was reported by the press service of the Tomsk region Prosecutor's Office.

The official and her husband bought an apartment for 3.18 million rubles ($56.400) in 2014. The purchase came to the regional Office of the Federal Tax Service employees’ notice. The Prosecutor's Office conducted a check and found that the income of a woman and her family members do not allow her to purchase such an apartment.

To avoid trial, the official decided to conclude a gift agreement for the apartment. However, another court found it invalid. According to the legislation on combating corruption, property illegally acquired by officials is subject to reverting in the state income. The decision to confiscate the apartment has not yet entered into legal force.



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