Court confiscates Shestun’s property worth $160mn

Court confiscates Shestun’s property worth $160mn
Aleksandr Shestun

The property has been forfeited on the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office.

The Krasnorsk City Court of the Moscow region has forfeited the property of former Serpukhov District Head Aleksandr Shestun, his relatives, and envoys with a total cost of 10.4 billion rubles ($160 million), Business FM reports. The court has satisfied the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Shestun’s wife said that the defendants will appeal the decision of the court in the Moscow Region Court. “They’ve taken away everything from us and our parents,” Yulia Shestun said.

During the hearing on April 8, the defendants also asked to reject the claim. Shestun took part in the hearing by video link from the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center. He called the suit “pressure on the court and the investigation.”

“Everything that was voiced by prosecutors is absolutely untrue. The state will suffer damage if the claim is satisfied,” he said. Shestun added that he has made a great contribution to the development of the Moscow region's Serpukhov district.

According to Shestun, most of the amount claimed included the cost of land, but, according to him, the entire district is not worth this much. The ex-head of the district also added that he did not hear about any company mentioned in the lawsuit, and criticized the testimony of witnesses in his case, on which the Prosecutor's Office based the lawsuit. During his speech, the judge ordered to turn off the sound, because the former official ignored the requirement to speak briefly.

Besides Shestun, there were 35 other private individuals and legal entities as defendants before the court. 4 of them had earlier admitted guilt and confirmed they had been affiliated with the ex-head of Serpukhov district. In January 2019, the Prosecutor-General’s Office filed a suit at court and indicated that the ex-official was the real owner of the property registered in the names of his relatives. In particular, the Prosecutor-General’s Office theory is that he owned a hotel park Drakino and a Prosecutor-General’s Office Medvezhya Berloga in the Moscow region. Initially, there were more than 670 real estate units and 22 cars worth of more than 10 billion rubles ($153 million) in the suit. 

Later, the Prosecutor-General’s Office filed a more detailed suit at court that was worth of additional 425 million rubles ($6.5 million). Property that had been purchased for unconfirmed earnings was listed in it. The Office assumed Shestun was its real owner. 92 land properties, 4 buildings, as well as 7 snow tractors, an auto-loader, a motoboat, 5 quad bikes and 2 tractors were listed there. The ex-head refuses the statements that he owns the afore-mentioned property. 

Aleksandr Shestun has been in custody since June, 2018. He is being accused of Swindling, Legalisation (Laundering) of Funds and Other Property Acquired by Other Persons Illegally, Illegal Participation in Business Activity and Bribery (articles 159, 174.1, 289 and 290 of Russia’s Criminal Code). The former official pleads not guilty and ties his prosecution with intention to be re-selected as head of the district. Shestun considered the confiscation of property from him and his relatives as revenge for intractability.



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