Court attaches property of Moscow Investigative Committee Head Drymanov accused of corruption

Court attaches property of Moscow Investigative Committee Head Drymanov accused of corruption
Alexander Drymanov

The measures affected the land plot and the share in the two houses located on it.

The Lefortovsky Court of Moscow imposed a security arrest on the land plot, and the share of houses located on it owned by former Head of the Moscow Investigative Committee, Alexander Drymanov, accused of taking bribes, TASS reports.

According to the agency, the arrest was imposed on a third of the share of two buildings located on the Drymanov site, as well as on the land plot with an area of 4 thousand square meters. The decision of the court has not been appealed.

A TASS source in law enforcement agencies reports that the investigation will verify the information about the involvement of the General in the case of bringing innocent people to criminal responsibility. Another source said that we are talking about frame-ups.

Currently, Drymanov is arrested on charges of taking bribes. According to investigators, the General, along with his former first deputy Denis Nikandrov and ex-head of the ICR of the Moscow Central Administrative District of Moscow Alexey Kramarenko, joined a gang headed by ex-head of the ICR BIA Mikhail Maksimenko. High-ranking investigators received a bribe of $1 million for assisting in the release of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) right hand Andrey Kochuykov (Italyanets). Drymanov is also charged with another episode of bribes for about 500 thousand rubles.

The defense of the General calls the charges absurd and unfounded; he denies the criminal intent to the actions attributed to him. Earlier, the term of the arrest of Drymanov was extended until March 16, 2019.

A source familiar with the situation clarified TASS that the only person involved in testifying against Drymanov is Denis Nikandrov, who concluded an agreement with the investigation. According to the agency interlocutor, Nikandrov handed over a bankcard with 9 thousand euros to the General for his appointment and general patronage. Before being formally charged, Drymanov did not refute the receipt of the card, but stated that he did not know that there were any funds on it. According to the General, the bankcard was “sealed and not activated.” The agency’s source added that the investigation has not yet found 200 thousand dollars, the receipt of which is levelled against the General.



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