Court attaches $206k securities of Zakharchenko’s wife

Court attaches $206k securities of Zakharchenko’s wife
Maria Semynina

Marina Semynina purchased them immediately after the colonel’s arrest.

The Meshchansky Court of Moscow has ordered the attachment of the civil-law wife of former Deputy Head of the MIA Anti-Corruption Department Dmitry Zakharchenko, Marina Semynina. This is reported by 360.

According to the TV channel, 201 securities with a nominal value of $1 thousand each (about 13 million rubles or $206,427) have been attached. The colonel’s civil-law wife purchased the securities immediately after his arrest. 

The investigation believes that Semynina did not have funds to buy the securities herself, as she was unemployed. The attachment of securities is in force until October 8.

To recall, Zakharchenko is charged with taking bribes and obstructing the administration of justice. According to the ICR, the colonel had received a bribe of $800 thousand from restaurateur Mehdi Muss for protection and another 3.5 million rubles ($55,576) as a discount card for the restaurant La Marée, as well as warned former director of Nota Bank, Galina Marchukova, about the forthcoming raids.

Searches of Zakharchenko and his relatives revealed 9 billion rubles ($142.9 million). All property of the colonel’s numerous friends and family has been seized in favor of the state by a court decision.



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