Court attached property and accounts of top-manager of Renova

Court attached property and accounts of top-manager of Renova

Boris Vainzikher is accused on the case of bribery on the amount of over 800 million rubles.

The Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested property of the top manager of Renova Boris Vainzikher who is a target in the case of multimillion bribes to the former management of the Komi Republic.

“Vainzikher's property is arrested, he cannot dispose of it”, one of the defense lawyers of the accused quoted by news agencies.

Besides, accounts of the top manager, the amount of means on which exceeds $2 million, were also arrested. Representative of court specified that property of other defendant in the case - Evgeny Olkhovik – was not attached.

The defense petitioned for Vainzikher's placement under house arrest - Renova company, it was told in the document, was ready to post bail.

However, the Basmanny Court did not grant a request, leaving the top manager in custody prior to the beginning of May. Thus, the judge supported an investigation line item, declaring that that on freedom Vainzikher can make impact on the subordinates or hide behind borders of the country.

To recall, former and current heads of CJSC Integrated Energy Systems power holding Mikhail Slobodin, Boris Vainzikher and Evgeny Olkhovik are accused of transfer of more than 800 million rubles to the former management of Komi for “establishment of the most profitable rates for heat and power supply and creation of comfortable working conditions”.

Vainzikher and Olkhovik are arrested. Slobodin is put on the international wanted list and arrested in absentia.



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